ASK THE SHELTER: What is a “stray” dog, and what do I do if I find one?

This is an excellent question, and one that isn’t as simple to answer as you may think.

Whether a dog is a stray or not sometimes depends on the laws in your particular area.

In Ferry County, only the city of Republic has a leash law.

If you are within Republic city limits, and spot an unaccompanied dog off leash, that dog is a stray dog. If you find a stray dog in the city limits, you should:

1. Check the dog for a collar and ID or licensing tags; the city also has a dog licensing law, so all dogs that live within city limits should have a license tag on their collars.

2. If there is a collar with tags, but no identification that provides the owner’s contact info, you can find the owner’s info by calling City Hall with the dog license . . . → Read More: ASK THE SHELTER: What is a “stray” dog, and what do I do if I find one?

ASK THE SHELTER: Is Forget Me Not Animal Shelter a “No-Kill” shelter?

Yes, Forget Me Not Animal Shelter is a no-kill shelter. After 10 years of operating “as if” we were no-kill, the Board of Directors voted this year to officially become part of the No-Kill Nation movement.

What that means is, no healthy, adoptable pet will ever be euthanized for lack of space or length of time at the shelter.

Pets with treatable medical conditions will receive appropriate treatment and be placed up for adoption, as long as they have a reasonable likelihood of good quality of life post-treatment. Recent examples of these pets would be Sammi (fka Cuckoo) and Dunlin, senior cats that received radioactive iodine treatment for hyperthyroidism, and Freckles, a dog who is in the process of receiving appropriate surgeries and physical therapy to heal from injuries received in his prior home.

Being a no-kill shelter does not mean we will leave a pet suffering. . . . → Read More: ASK THE SHELTER: Is Forget Me Not Animal Shelter a “No-Kill” shelter?

Ella gives back! How one shelter adoptee is making a big difference

Megan, Ella, and Sam

Meet Ella, adopted from Forget Me Not in summer 2004. This is Ella now, with her parents Megan Lyden and Sam Mann:

Megan Lyden, Ella, Sam Mann

And this is how Ella looked when she first arrived at her Forget Me Not foster home in 2004, a skinny, bedraggled stray with a coat full of burrs and grass seeds:

Ella in 2004

Ella was Forget Me Not’s very first long-distance adoption (her shelter ID number was 15, meaning she was the 15th pet taken into the Happy Homes Adoption Program)! Megan and Sam made the 12-hour round-trip drive to pick her up, and she has been one happy dog ever since. Here she is playing dress-up:

Help Forget Me Not join the ranks of America’s Favorite Shelter

We’re starting out a bit behind, but there is still time for us to climb the ranks

Vote for Forget Me Not Animal Shelter; all we need as of THIS MINUTE are 79 votes to break into the top 100!

Kitten Season! Bottle babies and more

Bottle Baby

Kitten season is in full swing here at Forget Me Not. Poppie’s babies got all the early press, from the novelty of having been born at the shelter… but now that they have all been chosen by adopters (and will all be going home in 7-10 days), the newcomers can have their moments in the spotlight!

Our primo kitten foster mama, Charlene, has been caring for 6 bottle babies who arrived from a feral colony at about 10 days old, plus another mom-cat and her litter of 5 who arrived when the kittens were just a few days old. Luckily, she has help from some of our other kitten-loving volunteers, like Kelsea and Carlene and Laura!

With another batch of unwanted kittens waiting in the wings, to be admitted after Poppie’s kittens have gone home, . . . → Read More: Kitten Season! Bottle babies and more

Stop the Cycle

Stop the Cycle information

Do you know a Ferry County resident who is littering? I don’t mean tossing fast food wrappers out of their car; I mean creating unwanted litters of puppies or kittens, because they have been unable to spay their female pets.

Forget Me Not has a fabulous program to help end the “littering” problem in Ferry County. Our Stop the Cycle program gives residents with an “oops” litter a way out. We will take in the entire litter of puppies or kittens after they are weaned, and will make sure each is spayed/neutered before going to a screened and approved adoptive home. There is no surrender fee for Stop the Cycle litters; the only requirement is that the owner allow us to spay the mother animal, at little or no cost to them.

Please . . . → Read More: Stop the Cycle

Itteh bitteh kittehs!

Newborn kittens 3-22-11 (photo by Lance Young)

Here is a sneak-peek at the shelter’s newest residents: 5 kittens, born to Poppie on 3/22/11! Poppie arrived at the shelter looking a bit like a beachball with a head… it didn’t take long for one kitty to become six kitties.

Poppie and her kittens are sharing one of our Microsoft Meow Manor cat rooms, where they will live together until the kittens are weaned. All six should be ready for adoption at the end of May or beginning of June.

We’ve invited the Cats of Microsoft calendar folk to name the kittens, can’t wait to see what names they choose!

We’ll update to individual listings when the kittens are older; until then, . . . → Read More: Itteh bitteh kittehs!

Long-time shelter pets need your help

Spring is here, when our thoughts turn to… KITTENS!

Unfortunately, this year we have many juvenile and adult cats who have not yet found their forever homes.

Along with these beautiful cats, we have one amazing dog who just can’t seem to get noticed… he’s seen dozens of other dogs come in to the shelter, and then leave in two weeks, or a month, or two months, with their new people. Teague continues to wait, but he is growing depressed (see "The Big Black Dog Dilemma, featuring Teague").

We know many of you have already filled that empty spot in your family with a Forget Me Not pet, or perhaps you have used Forget Me Not to help a pet find a new home.

We’re not asking you to adopt one of these pets (though it would be lovely if you did).

You can help Teague . . . → Read More: Long-time shelter pets need your help

Volunteer to help dogs

Forget Me Not Animal Shelter now has both cat buildings and dog buildings open and accepting adoptable pets – YAY!

Unfortunately, the only way we can continue accepting dogs into the adoption program is if more people sign up to volunteer as dog caregivers. We are losing two of our primary dog caregivers, and will no longer have enough volunteers to provide the necessary daily care for us to safely and humanely house dogs. Please do not make the mistake of thinking “someone else will do it” – so far, Someone Else has not stepped up, leaving us in danger of closing just when we finally got going. We need your help!

There are 14 caregiver shifts per week: 7 morning shifts, generally starting around 8:30 (although a bit earlier or later is OK), and 7 evening shifts, generally starting 5:30-6:30.

Depending on the type and number . . . → Read More: Volunteer to help dogs

Ringworm outbreak at shelter infects eighteen adoptable pets

An October ringworm outbreak at the shelter has left eighteen of our twenty-one adoptable pets infected. Infected pets include:

Alameda Adriano (adopted after infection) Acosta Aguafria SilverBelle ChiangMai Siobhan Wasabe Lambert Fantasia Doolittle Melinda Six unnamed leMutte puppies

This leaves only Cupid (who is on “longtimers discount”), Surat (currently on “adoption pending”), and Zorro uninfected.

All of these pets (except, of course, Adriano, since he’s already with his new owner) entered treatment on Monday, November 1.

It is important to understand that ringworm is nothing to be afraid of. It is, in fact, even less serious of an infection than athlete’s foot or those mushrooms in your lawn. Stay tuned for a blog about ringworm and why it’s nothing to fear.

Donate a Kuranda Bed

Our dogs and cats love to sleep on Kuranda beds, but we don’t have enough for everyone. If you would like to donate a bed at a special wholesale price for a another dog or cat to sleep in comfort, please donate a Kuranda bed

We need dog walkers!

We are currently in desperate need of dog walkers! We have too many dogs, and too few people to walk them.

If you’re someone in the Republic, WA, area who might volunteer to walk dogs for us, email us at .

New Shelter Blog

Welcome to the new official volunteer-driven blog for the Forget Me Not Animal Shelter!

Here, you can expect to find:

News about the shelter Information on new pets up for adoption Information about the adoption process Pet care tips and just thoughts from our volunteers Other pet- and shelter-related stuff

Stay tuned for highly irregular updates! 🙂

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