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Stop the Cycle

Stop the Cycle

Stop the Cycle information

Do you know a Ferry County resident who is littering? I don’t mean tossing fast food wrappers out of their car; I mean creating unwanted litters of puppies or kittens, because they have been unable to spay their female pets.

Forget Me Not has a fabulous program to help end the “littering” problem in Ferry County. Our Stop the Cycle program gives residents with an “oops” litter a way out. We will take in the entire litter of puppies or kittens after they are weaned, and will make sure each is spayed/neutered before going to a screened and approved adoptive home. There is no surrender fee for Stop the Cycle litters; the only requirement is that the owner allow us to spay the mother animal, at little or no cost to them.

Please help us to encourage Ferry County “litterers” to clean up right now, by spaying all their female pets and allowing Forget Me Not to place the puppies or kittens into new homes after spay/neuter. No unwanted litter (yet)? We also offer voucher assistance to low-income county residents; while we enjoy finding new homes for unwanted litters, it’s always best to prevent that litter in the first place.

One simple phone call can Stop the Cycle.