New adoptable puppy: PEPPERONI

Here is another pup in our “meaty pups” litter of Great Dane/Australian Cattle Dog/LeMutte pups!

Pepperoni (a girl whose nickname is “Gecko” because of the shape of the white on her chest) is one of the smaller pups. She is vocal, likes to be at the center of attention, and is playful with the other pups but also very human-oriented.

See her full listing, including video, on our DOGS page.

New adoptable pup: BRATWURST

Bratwurst and siblings arrived as a Stop the Cycle litter; Forget Me Not has spayed the mother dog (a Great Dane/Australian Cattle Dog mix) and returned her to her owner, and we will now find great homes for the pups. They were born on March 22, 2013. Father is unknown (may be more than one for this litter). Some of the pups look like they may have some Labrador Retriever or Pitbull in the mix, along with a healthy dose of “who knows what” – they are true “LeMutte” pups!

The entire litter is very well socialized, and the pups are currently together in a foster home where they are encountering adult dogs, cats, and chickens. They are all curious, outgoing, and very happy, and should do well in every type of home and family.

Bratwurst (a girl) is one of the bigger pups, and she . . . → Read More: New adoptable pup: BRATWURST

New adoptable dog: MEEKO



Meeko is a gorgeous boy who looks like a husky/shepherd mix; he arrived as a stray and has gone unclaimed. We are guesstimating his date of birth at about 4/26/2012 – he has those gangly “teenager” legs and the playfulness of a pup!

He has lots of boisterous energy and loves to chase just about anything, so we wouldn’t recommend him for a home with kitties that run away… but he has a soft, cuddly side too, and will sit for long periods just snuggling with the volunteers.

He doesn’t seem to be an overly dominant dog, though will stand up to a challenge, so would fit best with an easygoing dog companion (probably a female would be best), or as the only dog.

He’d love to have a family that will give him lots of time to play . . . → Read More: New adoptable dog: MEEKO

New adoptable dog: SMOOTCH

Smootch 1/17/13

Smootch on 1/17/13 (top)Smootch on 2/5/13 (bottom)

How do you go from the top photo, on 1/17/13, to the bottom photo, on 2/5/13?


Step one: Fill food bowl

Step two: Wait

Step three: Fill food bowl again

Step four: Wait

Repeat steps one through four until dog realizes he will never go hungry again. Ideal weight will follow, along with thousands of face-licks and tail wags.

Meet Smootch, who is now up for adoption. This was Smootch when he arrived:

Smootch on 1/17/13

He is one of the most emaciated dogs we have rescued, and besides his weight, he came in with broken teeth, infected gums, sores on his elbows and buttocks, the tip of his tail had fallen off leaving an open wound (probably frostbite), and his snout was all scraped . . . → Read More: New adoptable dog: SMOOTCH

Long-Timer Dog – YOGI


Yogi has been with us for a very long time now; he is a difficult dog to place, but for the right person, he will make a funny, goofy, interesting companion. He will do best as an only pet, though does get along with some dogs – usually smallish female dogs. Honestly, his perfect home would be with a single person or childless couple, someone who is active (maybe a jogger) but something of a homebody. He will wait patiently for his person to come home from work – seems to be well housetrained and is not a destructive chewer – but would prefer that you come home and have some solid one-on-one (or two-on-one) time with him. He loves to chase a tennis ball; a bag of tennis balls, a “chuck-it” to throw them as far as possible, and a cozy home to curl up in . . . → Read More: Long-Timer Dog – YOGI

New adoptable dog: DINGO



Dingo is a BIG boy, probably over 100 pounds – we need to get him onto a big scale to find out for sure! He is an Irish Wolfhound mix, housetrained, somewhere between 4-7 years old, and a real sweetheart. See his full listing here – let’s help this big guy find a new home quickly, as he is a bit depressed in the shelter!

New adoptable dog: SUNNY




Sunny is an adorable housetrained neutered 3 year old male pom-chi, about 10 pounds of cuddle! See his full listing here.

New adoptable dogs: AUSTIN and NICK

Austin and Nick

Austin and Nick

Austin and Nick come as a team; they are each about 12 years old, and ended up in the shelter after their wonderful, doting owner died without a pet plan in place. These adorable boys are reportedly a poodle mix and a maltese mix, and they are pretty lost and afraid at the shelter. We have them sharing a kennel, and hope to place them together in a final forever home.

Austin and Nick are housetrained, and used to live with cats (the kitties will be listed on our cats page soon). They are still pretty frisky, but definitely less energetic than a puppy! Nick, in particular, is pretty laid back – lots of cuddle time available with these boys. It takes them a few minutes of calm interaction before they relax around new . . . → Read More: New adoptable dogs: AUSTIN and NICK

New adoptable dog: JOJO



JoJo is an amazing, affectionate, athletic Australian cattle dog (red heeler) girl, who was sentenced to a term at the shelter for the crime of chicken murder. She is a slightly overweight, mature girl – her owner doesn’t know how old she is, as she arrived with them as an adult stray, but we are guessing she is about 7 years old. You wouldn’t know it from watching her fetch, though – you can see her excitement and enthusiasm in her eyes as soon as you pick up *anything* to throw for her! It comes across beautifully in her photos, too.

JoJo is housetrained, good with other dogs, good on leash, and an easy keeper (as long as you don’t raise poultry). She has all the classic heeler behaviors so could potentially be a working dog, . . . → Read More: New adoptable dog: JOJO

New adoptable dog: CORKY



Corky is a 5-year-old male mini poodle who weighs just 10 pounds. His former owners got him as a puppy from a breeder, but now they no longer have time to give him the attention he deserves, so he is looking for someone new to cuddle with.

Corky is housetrained, good with other dogs, good with cats, and loves children. He is a very happy dog who loves attention and plays like a “big dog” (ha). He is a fairly high energy dog – don’t let that tiny size fool you, he still needs lots of exercise to help him stay calm, and would really love a few sessions of “fetch” and a couple of short but brisk walks every day. As you can see, he will also benefit from some professional grooming; we did have . . . → Read More: New adoptable dog: CORKY

New adoptable dog: Romeo



Romeo is one of a pair of dogs recently found by hunters, on top of a remote mountain 20 miles from the nearest house. He has started to put on weight and is a happy and grateful boy. We are guessing he is about 2 years old; he seems to be housetrained, and has a sunny personality. He looks to us like a shepherd/husky mix, maybe with some Pyrenees or Samoyed in there.

Romeo seems to like other dogs and all people; he doesn’t entirely understand “fetch” yet – he’ll go run to the ball, but not bring it back – but he DOES love a good game of “chase the grasshoppers” and will leap up into the air trying to catch them. He is pretty good on leash, and should be a good fit for . . . → Read More: New adoptable dog: Romeo

New adoptable dog: Dexter!



Here is Dexter! Dexter was originally a Forget Me Not dog back in the summer of 2011; he went to his new home, who followed up with us to let us know how thrilled they were with him, and then we didn’t hear anything else; no news is good news, right? WRONG! We received a call toward the end of June from a lovely woman in the Seattle area, who said she had a stray dog in her yard, and through some research she had done on Craigslist, had determined that we was likely the dog shown as Dexter on our Adopted pages. She even counted spots to be sure! It sounds like his happy home decided to give him away for free on Craigslist – ALWAYS a huge mistake, as that is the surest way . . . → Read More: New adoptable dog: Dexter!

New adoptable dog: BUBBA


Meet Bubba, an absolutely stunning, handsome boy who was left inside the shelter fence one night. He is obviously one of the “bully breeds” – either American Staffordshire Terrier or Pit Bull Terrier (the distinctions are very slight, apparently – you can read more about these breeds here).

Through a little volunteer detective work and some witness activity we were able to determine who left Bubba at the shelter; from them, we learned that Bubba is supposedly “purebred” and is about 3 years old, and he belonged to someone who moved away and couldn’t take him. The person who then took Bubba (and left him at the shelter) had him for a week and found him to be great with other dogs, but a bit too interested in the rabbits and chickens, so they thought . . . → Read More: New adoptable dog: BUBBA

New adoptable dog: MILLIE


Millie is a gorgeous, smart fox hound mix girl. She was born 12/7/09, and came to Forget Me Not from a home where she was kept inside a crate at night, then tied outside all day long. Millie is a girl in search of direction; she wants so much to have something to do, and to be able to please you and receive praise for performing her job well. Unfortunately, she knows absolutely no commands, nor has she figured out house manners yet. She longs for attention and affection, and we have all grown used to hearing her loud and incessant baying start as soon as she knows a human has entered the building. During her time with the volunteers, she is vocally quiet, but very excited; she tends to jump up and is not good . . . → Read More: New adoptable dog: MILLIE

New adoptable dog: DIESEL



Diesel appears to be a Catahoula Leopard dog mix pup, who has a guesstimated birth date of 1/12/12. He was left inside the shelter fence, and we hope we will be able to find this cutie a great home, so he’ll never need to feel abandoned again!

He is working hard on potty-training, and he is a smart and playful pup. He’s energetic and should be lots of fun to train; he’d make a good 4-H or agility dog, and would also enjoy being “just” a family pet, as long as he can get lots of exercise and interactive play each day to work off some of his energy.

Pure Catahoulas are “working dogs” meant to be herders or hunters; a mix like Diesel can be a terrific pet, but the owner must be a confident . . . → Read More: New adoptable dog: DIESEL

New adoptable dog: GUS



Gus is a Black Labrador Retriever (according to his former owner, he is purebred, but has no papers). He is 2 years old, and was surrendered to the shelter because he kept chasing his former owner’s new goats. Unfortunately, Gus has spent his first 2 years living outside, without any training or direction. He is already benefiting from his time at the shelter, where some of the volunteers are working with him on leash training and manners.

Gus is beginning to understand “play” a bit, and will chase a ball (though not always bring it back). One thing we all notice about him is that he is very attentive – he wants to know exactly what you expect of him, and then will try his hardest to give it to you. Because of this, we think . . . → Read More: New adoptable dog: GUS

Chaining/tethering – not the right solution


Neck damaged by long-term chaining

This is one clear reason why a dog should not be chained for long periods of time (more than an hour is too much); fencing, kenneling, or keeping the dog inside are all better solutions than chaining/tethering.

It isn’t difficult to housetrain a dog so they can stay safely inside, or to crate train a dog… a moderately sized fenced portion of the yard or a humanely sized chain link dog kennel isn’t too much to ask if the dog needs to stay outside.

If all else fails, closing off a mud room or bathroom for the dog’s comfort when home alone can be a simple solution. Anyone who just can’t take the time to do one of those things really doesn’t need a dog. Doesn’t your dog deserve better than this?

. . . → Read More: Chaining/tethering – not the right solution

New adoptable dog: DUKE



Duke is a wonderful German Shepherd/Rottweiler boy, whose only “fault” is that he chases and kills chickens (and the occasional pack rat, and even a deer). He likes other dogs, and even gets along well with dog-friendly cats… and he loves kids! If you have a home where Duke can be treated as a family member, living inside and going outside safely leashed or fenced, then Duke is a dream-dog for you. See his full listing for more info, photos, and video!

Featured adoptable dog: SCHARLEY


This beautiful 2-year-old spayed female English Pointer is STILL looking for her home, 6 weeks after her arrival at FMNAS. She is a wonderful, joyful, loving girl who LOVES to run – see her full listing to figure out if she is the one for you. Pass the word to friends and family, this girl will make a lucky, active person or family SO happy.

New adoptable dog: MOOSE



This handsome black German Shepherd has won the hearts of all the volunteers; he’s such a character, and we love how one ear sticks up and the other ear flops over.

See his adoption listing – maybe he is the buddy you’ve been searching for all this time….