Formal Wear February – special on fancy dress kitties!

Formal Wear February cats

Formal Wear February Special!

Ah, February – a month to honor Love and Commitment!

Why not celebrate February by adopting a loving kitty that will always be Dressed to Impress?!

All black and black/white cats’ adoption fees through 2/28/13 are priced by the “pound of loving” they provide… from our $9, 9-pound petite beauties Calandra and CaraCara, all the way up to our $17, 17-pound stunning Bluebird, minimum adoption fees are LOW LOW LOW for these special cats.

Come collect your new lovebug kitty – before the month is over (or before they put on more weight, HA)

PS – OK, Bruno is still “No Fee” but he is special, too.

Thanks to Shelter Manager Tiffany for the February inspiration!

Photo shows only a handful of the eligible black and tuxedo kitties at the shelter right now – more will be added soon!

Featured cats: our leftover kittens!


We have four kittens, born 9/3 (Engelbert) and 9/7 (the three “I” sisters), who have watched pretty much all the other kittens head out to their new homes… these four are still waiting, but we know there are great homes out there for each of them!

Engelbert is a medium-haired boy; Icicle, Iliana, and Irmagard are shorthaired girls.

You can see their full listings on our Cats page – just click on their photos to bring up the listings.

Kittens love to go home in pairs, but can also go alone. Adoption fee is $58 for one kitten, $98 for a pair; these kittens have been spayed/neutered, vaccinated with their 3 kitten vaccines, microchipped and wormed. They will need rabies vaccination between 4-6 months of age.

End of summer Black Cat Blowout!

Black cat blowout

(TOP): Starling, Amazon, Babbler, Siskin(BOTTOM): Avocet, Dana, Aracari, Auk

As usually happens around this time of year, the shelter is full of black and black/white cats and juveniles; these are the kittens that are last to be adopted from their litters, the “leftovers” after everyone has taken home the “pretty” kittens. They are the cats that visitors don’t notice, because they are black and are sitting back in the corner watching the visitors play with the “colorful” cats. Every one of these cats and kittens will make a fantastic companion, if they are given the chance!

For the month of September, we are having our Black Cat Blowout event; adopt any black or black/white cat or kitten included in the Black Cat Blowout promotion, and pay NO adoption fee! We are placing these fantastic felines on an . . . → Read More: End of summer Black Cat Blowout!

Today’s featured kittens: Babbler and Blackbird!

Babbler and Blackbird

(TOP) Babbler and (BOTTOM) Blackbird

Babbler and Blackbird were born on 5/11/12, and came to the shelter as a Stop the Cycle litter; we have spayed the mama kitty, and are now looking for homes for these adorable babies. Mama kitty was pretty young, we think this was her first litter, and the kittens are a little small for their age; they are very healthy and happy, though, and were well socialized with children, cats, and dogs before coming to the shelter. Now they are in a foster home together, and are having lots of fun learning all about the world, practicing their playing skills, and receiving lots of hugs and cuddles.

These two had another brother and sister, but they were Siamese mix kittens and illustrate perfectly how much faster non-black kittens get adopted; some lucky . . . → Read More: Today’s featured kittens: Babbler and Blackbird!

Today’s featured cat: DANA



Dana is a gorgeous male kitty, 8 years old, who joined the shelter when his person had to move and couldn’t bring Dana along.

Dana can be a little shy when he first meets people, which makes him a little harder than usual to adopt, but after a few visits, he warms right up to each volunteer he meets… then he will beg for attention to the point he DROOLS while being brushed and petted! Most cat lovers understand the “drooling fool” kitty – Dana is distinguished and attractive, but just watch him embarrass himself when you pet him, HA. In his video, you can actually see him drooling… he’s not a kitty for a “squeamish” person!

He is litterbox trained, playful but not hyper like a kitten, and would do fine in most homes as . . . → Read More: Today’s featured cat: DANA

New adoptable dog: GUS



Gus is a Black Labrador Retriever (according to his former owner, he is purebred, but has no papers). He is 2 years old, and was surrendered to the shelter because he kept chasing his former owner’s new goats. Unfortunately, Gus has spent his first 2 years living outside, without any training or direction. He is already benefiting from his time at the shelter, where some of the volunteers are working with him on leash training and manners.

Gus is beginning to understand “play” a bit, and will chase a ball (though not always bring it back). One thing we all notice about him is that he is very attentive – he wants to know exactly what you expect of him, and then will try his hardest to give it to you. Because of this, we think . . . → Read More: New adoptable dog: GUS

Today’s featured cats: SISKEL and EBERT


Siskel (orange) and Ebert (black) were born 3/7/12, and were surrendered to the shelter as a Stop the Cycle litter; the mama kitty has been spayed (thanks to her sponsor who paid for her spay!), and now it’s time to find homes for these 2 cuties.

These kittens are being socialized in a foster home, and should make great pets in pretty much any home. They are doing great with their litterbox training, and are learning all about play-time; they are starting to be less cautious around strangers, too! That little bit of caution will serve them well should they become indoor-outdoor kitties, but they would also do well as indoor-only cats.

Visit our Cats Page to see their full listings, including a super-cute video!

New adoptable cat: Starling



This beautiful girl is about 3 years old, and needs a special home, where she can experience the “tough love” of The Biggest Loser to help her get into proper feline fitness. She is not happy at the shelter, because we have to keep her in a playpen so she doesn’t eat ALL THE FOOD in the room… she would be a fabulous and talkative companion for anyone, and we know her right person is out there! See her full listing for more photos, video, and application.

New adoptable dog: MOOSE



This handsome black German Shepherd has won the hearts of all the volunteers; he’s such a character, and we love how one ear sticks up and the other ear flops over.

See his adoption listing – maybe he is the buddy you’ve been searching for all this time….

New adoptable pets: Adelie, Albatross, Acorn, Akiko, Tamarack, Azumi

6 Newly Adoptable Pets

Top: Adelie, Albatross, Acorn — Bottom: Akiko, Tamarack, Azumi

This past weekend we listed 6 new pets who arrived at the shelter after their owner died without a pet plan in place. These 5 cats and 1 dog came in a little frightened and confused, but now seem pretty happy and grateful. It seems that fortune is smiling on them, too, because of the six, only Adelie (the shy orange girl) and Albatross (the fluffy black boy) are still available – it looks like the other 4 will have placement offers going out by the end of the evening!

If you might have a spot in your family for Adelie or Albatross, please check out their listings on our Cat Page (just click on their photos to bring up the full listings).

. . . → Read More: New adoptable pets: Adelie, Albatross, Acorn, Akiko, Tamarack, Azumi

New adoptable cats: 6, all black, from 1 home!

6 black cats

Top row: Jaguar, Lea, Piper Bottom row: Candelada, Colilla, Cillan

These 6 cats are all related; someone didn’t call us soon enough for a voucher, and this is the result.

In the top row, Jaguar is about 6 months old; sisters Lea and Piper are about 10 months old.

In the bottom row, our three sibling kittens were born 11/11/11.

Mama kitty has now been spayed and returned to her owner… now we just need to find homes for 6 black kitties!

For those who don’t know – black cats are by far the hardest to find homes for, but we will try our best!

You can see all the available cats on our website: CATS


Look who went home this week!

Adoptions week of 11-5-11

Amber, Owl (now Gus), and Eeyore all went home this week

November is Adopt a Senior Pet month, and we are delighted that Amber is our first senior pet heading home! She will be so happy to have a warm lap and guaranteed sun spot for her golden years.

Our other adoptees this week are two more of the kittens that were abandoned at a remote campsite last month; Owl (who is now Gus) got a ride out to his new home in Spokane, and Eeyore has joined his family, which includes his new best friend, a BIG labrador retriever named Olle.

A senior and two black cats – now THAT’S a successful adoption week!

Black Tie Special – discounted adoption fees for cats in “formal wear”

Black Tie Special kitties

(top) Roo, Owl, Eeyore, Tigger (bottom) Piglet, Carlene, Carlton, Molly(top) Roo, Owl, Eeyore, Tigger (bottom) Piglet, Carlene, Carlton, Molly

Welcome to our 2011 Black Tie event – a time for those ubiquitous black and tuxedo kitties to SHINE and find their forever homes. All our formal wear attired (which means black or black and white) juvenile kittens (4-8 months of age) have reduced adoption fees of $50 for one or $85 for two, and our formal adults (9 months and up) have reduced adoption fees of $30!

These 8 are currently up for adoption and waiting for you to fall in love with them.

Now’s the perfect time to bring one of these beautiful and classy kitties into your family; apply online today!

New adoptable kittens: The “C” Group

Canaria, Ciudad, Cordoba, Catalonia, Cristobal

(top row) Canaria, Ciudad (bottom row) Cordoba, Catalonia, Cristobal

Introducing the newest litter of cuties looking for their new homes. They were born 8/18/11, and arrived at the shelter along with their mama-kitty Miso when the kittens were just 3 weeks old. They and mama-kitty are in foster care together, and the kittens have begun the weaning process (at just over 7 weeks old). They will all be spayed/neutered and ready for release any time after October 27.

The kittens are doing well, growing big and strong, under the care of their attentive mama kitty; they will all be together until it’s time for the kittens to go to their new homes. These kittens will be fantastic family pets, and will do best in indoor-only homes, as they have never been outside. They can be adopted as . . . → Read More: New adoptable kittens: The “C” Group

Adoptable cat, long-timer: MOLLY


Molly is a beautiful medium-haired white kitty with lovely black accents – love that black tail! She has been with us since early July, when she arrived with her 2-week-old kittens in tow. Molly has been a great mom, and the kittens have all found their new homes. Now it’s time for Molly to go home too!

Molly is very friendly and affectionate, and fairly large (L-O-N-G kitteh). She would enjoy pretty much any indoor or indoor/outdoor home, where she can have a lap when she wants one and can have a few short brushing sessions each week to keep that gorgeous coat in great shape. She seems to prefer being the only cat, though she might agree to tolerate sharing her space with a friendly, non-dominant boy kitty. Ideally, she’d like to be an adored . . . → Read More: Adoptable cat, long-timer: MOLLY

New adoptable dog: DUQUELLA


DuQuella is named for one of our adopters/facebook friends; we chose this name because it rhymes with our other juvenile black dog, Ella – too cute! (We’ll occasionally be stealing facebook friends’ names for our pets; ideas are hard to find, ha).

DuQuella looks like a LeMutte dog, we can only guess that she may have some black Labrador and some sort of shepherd in her mix; she’s much smaller than a full Lab, approximate weight right now is 35-40 pounds, and we are guessing she was born around 12/1/10, so she’s just over 6 months old right now. She has some brown fur on the backs of her legs and her feet.

More photos and information

New Adoptable Pets: our “A” Kittens!

A kittens

"A" kittens

For everyone who is sad because Poppie’s kittens are gone… don’t worry! Over the next few days we will have many more fun and fabulous kittens for you to meet! Today, we are introducing our “A” kittens.*

This quartet has three black and white brothers, plus a calico sister, all of whom will be ready to go home by the last week of June. They were born 4/27/11, and have been at the shelter since they were 2 weeks old.

They are (clockwise from upper left):





If you visit our main Cats page you can click on each kitten’s photo to see all the pictures of that kitten, plus a video of the kittens playing.

*It’s hard to constantly come up with new names… to help us keep the litters . . . → Read More: New Adoptable Pets: our “A” Kittens!

New adoptable dog: ELLA


Ella is a beautiful, petite mixed-breed “LeMutte” girl, who was found on a forest service road in the Colville National Forest, far from homes and people. No one came to claim her during her impound period, so she is now looking for a terrific new forever home. Her beautiful, glossy black coat, wide forehead, and “otter” tail look like she has some black Labrador retriever in her mix, but we can’t begin to guess what else is in there. She is a medium size dog, with long legs.

We are estimating Ella’s birth date as 8/15/10, making her just over 9 months old. She has that frisky puppy energy, and a happy disposition. She is eager to please, loves other dogs, and seems to be very smart.

More information and photos

New adoptable cat: BOULDER


Boulder is a wonderful and handsome black and white guy, full of charm and charisma. He is both playful and affectionate, and seems tolerant of other cats. Boulder was surrendered to the shelter by someone who could not afford to care for him, and we want to find him a great new home full of love and comfort.

Boulder was born in March, 2010, so he is just over a year old right now. He would do well as an indoor or indoor-outdoor cat, and should be fine with older children and all adults.

More photos and adoption information

Adoptable Kitten: MELVIN


Poppie’s featured adoptable kitten for today is Melvin. We think he will probably be a short haired adult cat; he has the cutest markings! As a black and white kitten, he is statistically likely to be the last of the litter adopted, but whomever finally chooses Melvin is in for a fun, frisky time. Melvin and his siblings turned 5 weeks old on 4/26. You can see more photos, the latest video, and get adoption information on his full listing.