Prince and Teague updates

Prince and Teague (photos by Lance Young)

Today was an interesting and emotional day around the shelter.

After returning Prince yesterday, his adopters spent a terrible 24 hours mourning the loss, and realized they had made a terrible mistake by giving him up. They are speeding back to the shelter to reclaim him in the morning, and are now prepared with a super puppy class at Diamonds in the Ruff, and a renewed sense of forever commitment. We can’t wait to see how excited Prince will be when he sees them!

Just when you thought today couldn’t get better… Teague has found his new home! He will be joining his forever-person on April 25 (or possibly a bit earlier), and he gets to be the only pet with a retired person who will be with him every . . . → Read More: Prince and Teague updates

New adoptable dog: Prancer


Prancer is a chow/husky/shepherd mix boy, born about October 2008. He is a shy, sensitive boy who spent some time with a person who yelled at him a lot, before he found a temporary home with the person who eventually brought him to us. He is so grateful for every kind touch and sweet word, we know he will be a wonderful companion for anyone who lets him into their heart.

Prancer would probably blossom fastest in a home where he is the only dog, but adding him to a home with an existing dog should be fairly easy, as he is definitely not an alpha dog. His last, temporary home had cats, and reports that he was fine around them. Preliminary weight estimate on Prancer is about 60 pounds.

We are slowly working on grooming . . . → Read More: New adoptable dog: Prancer

The Big Black Dog Dilemma, featuring Teague

People are often amazed to learn that there are many factors that can hinder even the friendliest dog’s chance of adoption.

Meet Teague, who has been waiting for a new forever home for two months. Teague is a perfect dog to illustrate many of the “less-desirable” qualities that keep him waiting while he sees newer arrivals joyously celebrating their adoptions all around him.

Teague (photo by local photographer Lance Young)

OK, now that you’ve seen Teague, see how many attributes you can think of that are keeping him languishing in the shelter day after day. Go ahead, scribble a list.

Some you can see; some you can’t. Make some wild guesses!

Done? OK, here is a breakdown of Teague’s particular problems:

1. AGE – Teague came in as a stray, so there is no way for us . . . → Read More: The Big Black Dog Dilemma, featuring Teague

Dogs adoptable since September 8th, 2010: Bear the Labrador Retriever mix and Luna the Pug mix

Bear is an extremely handsome black Labrador Retriever/Chow mix boy, about 4 years old and 65 pounds. He came to the shelter on 9/8, after spending most of his life being neglected and ignored… consequently, he is a real affection hound! To Bear, having people rub his belly is the most AMAZING and WONDERFUL thing, you can tell he actually feels lucky to be a shelter dog, awwwwwww. He is very attentive and treat-motivated, and has already learned to sit for liver chips!

The people who brought him to the shelter said he was cat-aggressive, but he seems completely indifferent to the cats at the shelter – he sniffs noses with them when they are out on their “kitty condo” porch, but doesn’t fixate or lunge, and in fact, seems mostly uninterested. To be safe, we’d recommend a home without cats, just . . . → Read More: Dogs adoptable since September 8th, 2010: Bear the Labrador Retriever mix and Luna the Pug mix