Our first 2013 adoptees!

It’s been a pretty good month at Forget Me Not; Yogi has already gone home with our wonderful volunteer Janiece, who started off fostering him and saw him blossom into a lovely new family member – so now he will be staying forever! We have one dog – Fancy – being picked up this coming […]

Pets adopted through 6-2-12!

The past week has found 7 more pets heading to terrific new homes. Furby was adopted locally, and the other 6 went to Monroe yesterday to meet their new families! Since all the pets adopted were adults (YAY!), they are all beginning their 30-day trial placements. We hope to post happy follow-ups for each of […]

Update on recent pet adoptions 04-21-12

Here’s a quick update on all the pets who have recently gone home, including those that just set off on today’s trip to Monroe. Buzzard and Bluejay get to go home together, where we are sure they will be suitably spoiled as they are the only pets in the home. Moose jumped right into the […]

Rosie went home today!

Every adoption day is a day for us to CELEBRATE! YAY for Rosie, who has joined her new parents Fred and Jana, for a lifetime of being spoiled and loved. We hope to see Facebook updates on her frequently! Now it’s her sister Daisy’s turn… we know her new person is out there somewhere (maybe […]

Adopted: Pepper, a new Alaska resident! – Add Your Pet Travel Stories!

Pepper has made it safely to his new home on Kodiak Island, Alaska, where he is loving the snow! Read all about his adventure going home on his Adopted Page. This is the 4th or 5th Alaskan Forget Me Not adopted dog – YAY! We’d love to hear all about your experiences moving or traveling […]

2/11/12, transport day – see who went home!

Another wonderful transport day saw 10 happy pets head across the mountains to their new homes on the west side. It was a teary goodbye, as Rex’s foster family had to send him off after raising him for 3 months (usually pups go to their new homes in 3-4 weeks, but Rex had to stay […]

Look who went home from 1/15 to today!

It’s no secret that the bulk of our adoptions happen on the one day per month we make our adopted pet delivery to the Seattle area; that’s where most of our adopters are found. There are always a handful of adoptions that take place in between the Seattle area deliveries, and the past few weeks […]

Look who went home on 1/14!

Yesterday’s transport of adopted pets to North Bend took our first 13 adoptees of 2012 to their new families! While every single adoption is a cause for celebration, we are particularly thrilled with yesterday’s batch, because it included 12 cats… 9 of which are over 6 months of age, and 6 of which were the […]

Look who went home today! Dulanzi, Dumbria, and Denia

The first three of the kittens that were abandoned outside the shelter in a box have gone to their new homes today. Dulanzi and Dumbria were adopted as a pair, and will have a wonderful life in a home filled with love, with birds and dogs and children and another older pair of kitties. Denia […]

Look who went home this week!

November is Adopt a Senior Pet month, and we are delighted that Amber is our first senior pet heading home! She will be so happy to have a warm lap and guaranteed sun spot for her golden years. Our other adoptees this week are two more of the kittens that were abandoned at a remote […]

Look who went home the week of 10/22-10/29!

Lots of kitties – and our frisky guy Mozart – found new homes this week… but there are still plenty of fabulous pets waiting for you to find them! We are looking forward to adopter updates on these recently adopted cuties, and thanks to Sarah for taking 8 of them to Monroe today!

Look who went home 9-12-11 to 10-1-11!

                                                      It’s been a great last few weeks at the shelter, with so many wonderful pets heading to their new homes! 2 of these adoptees were transported to Spokane […]

Look who went home through 8/12/11!

We’ve had another great adoption week at Forget Me Not! GeeGee was adopted to a fabulous rural home, where she shares her people with another former FMNAS adoptee dog, Bear! They checked each other out at the shelter before GeeGee went home, and Bear looks like he is going to be a terrific big brother. […]

Look who went home today: BEAUTY

Remember this poor girl, abandoned outside the shelter on 7/21? Well, sometimes things are just meant to be. To the left is a photo of her the day she was abandoned. Turns out, she captured the heart of one of our wonderful volunteers, and our volunteer clearly captured Beauty’s heart too – she just lights […]

Look who went home this week!

It’s been another fun adoption week at Forget Me Not! These are the lucky pets who have fabulous new homes (starting with the top row, left to right): DUQUELLA has joined her “big canine brother” Simon and a fabulous fun family in Federal Way with 4 super kids; she was great on the drive to […]

Look who went home this week, part 2: CATS!

  Wow! The delivery of adopted pets to Monroe today had 23 total shelter pets heading for their new families, plus we had another 5 pets picked up at the shelter this week! Definitely the biggest adoption transport ever for us, and the biggest weekly total of adoptions. ALISAR went home with BARRIO (2nd row, […]

Look who went home this week, part 1: DOGS!

We had 7 puppies leave on our Monroe transport today, plus 2 other puppies that were picked up by their new families at the shelter, and one adult dog who has found a loving home with one of our fantastic volunteers! CHARLES has gone to a happy family with 3 kids/teens of his own! Their […]

Look who went home this week: Hoss, Maia, and Sloane!

It’s always nice, in the midst of kitten and puppy adoptions, to see some of our patient adult pets finding their new homes. Hoss has gone home to be with the boy he fell in love with; we are hoping they will bond quickly and easily, and that Hoss will now have the chance to […]