Kittens, kittens, everywhere! Meet the “A” litter, born 5/4/12

These 4 siblings were born about 5/4/12, to a stray mama kitty (mama has already been adopted). These kittens came into the adoption program on 6/22, and are being well socialized in a foster home; we expect they will be great indoor or indoor-outdoor kitties (though they should be kept inside until they are a […]

New adoptable pets: KITTENS!

Our first Stop the Cycle litter of kittens for 2012 has arrived – heralding the beginning of “kitten season” which will last from now through November. These 5 cuties were born on 2/12/12, and will be ready to go home 4/20/12. See their full listings from our Cats Page

New adoptable cats: 6, all black, from 1 home!

These 6 cats are all related; someone didn’t call us soon enough for a voucher, and this is the result. In the top row, Jaguar is about 6 months old; sisters Lea and Piper are about 10 months old. In the bottom row, our three sibling kittens were born 11/11/11. Mama kitty has now been […]

New adoptable cats: Peanut’s Kittens!

  These kittens were born 6/17/11, and were surrendered to the shelter along with their mom Peanut when the kittens were just 2 weeks old. We’ve had them fostering with our wonderful Foster Mama Charlene, and as a result, the kittens are all wonderfully socialized, very easy to handle, affectionate, curious, and playful – they […]

New adoptable kittens: the C group

Our next batch of adoptable kittens to introduce: the C kittens. From top left, we have: CASTELLON CACERES CORUNA CUENCA These cuties were born about 4/29/11, and were found in a wood pile, apparently orphaned (they were starving and no mom was located after 2 days of looking). They are doing wonderfully in foster care, […]

New adoptable pets: Our “B” Kittens

Today, we are introducing our “B” kittens.* The six kittens in this group came in at about 2 weeks old, from a feral colony on which we are doing Trap-Neuter-Return. They were bottle-fed and are now weaning to solid food. The orange boys were born about 4/23/11, and the tabby quartet are a bit older, […]

Kitten Season! Bottle babies and more

Kitten season is in full swing here at Forget Me Not. Poppie’s babies got all the early press, from the novelty of having been born at the shelter… but now that they have all been chosen by adopters (and will all be going home in 7-10 days), the newcomers can have their moments in the […]

Updated kitten pictures from 4-9-11

Here are some new photos of Poppie and the kittens, taken on 4-9-11: Visit the kittens’ website page for other new photos, including some close-ups of individual kittens. They are SOOOO cute, we can hardly stand it! Thanks to Char Payton Holt for these photos from 4/9/11.

Stop the Cycle

Do you know a Ferry County resident who is littering? I don’t mean tossing fast food wrappers out of their car; I mean creating unwanted litters of puppies or kittens, because they have been unable to spay their female pets. Forget Me Not has a fabulous program to help end the “littering” problem in Ferry […]

Itteh Bitteh Kittehs has a NAEMZ!

The fabulous folk behind the Cats of Microsoft calendar have chosen names for our little babies. Drum roll please… Introducing SILVERLIGHT (a boy): PATCH TUESDAY (a girl, starting to open her eyes): MELVIN (a boy): MANDI (a girl): SHERLOCK (a boy): You can see another photo or two of each kitten (taken on 3/31) on […]