Ella gives back! How one shelter adoptee is making a big difference

Megan, Ella, and Sam

Meet Ella, adopted from Forget Me Not in summer 2004. This is Ella now, with her parents Megan Lyden and Sam Mann:

Megan Lyden, Ella, Sam Mann

And this is how Ella looked when she first arrived at her Forget Me Not foster home in 2004, a skinny, bedraggled stray with a coat full of burrs and grass seeds:

Ella in 2004

Ella was Forget Me Not’s very first long-distance adoption (her shelter ID number was 15, meaning she was the 15th pet taken into the Happy Homes Adoption Program)! Megan and Sam made the 12-hour round-trip drive to pick her up, and she has been one happy dog ever since. Here she is playing dress-up:

Ella in disguise

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New adoptable dog: ELLA



Ella is a beautiful, petite mixed-breed “LeMutte” girl, who was found on a forest service road in the Colville National Forest, far from homes and people. No one came to claim her during her impound period, so she is now looking for a terrific new forever home. Her beautiful, glossy black coat, wide forehead, and “otter” tail look like she has some black Labrador retriever in her mix, but we can’t begin to guess what else is in there. She is a medium size dog, with long legs.

We are estimating Ella’s birth date as 8/15/10, making her just over 9 months old. She has that frisky puppy energy, and a happy disposition. She is eager to please, loves other dogs, and seems to be very smart.

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