New adoptable cat: COQUETTE



Coquette is a beautiful torbie with white girl, about 2 years old, who arrived as a stray. She has a funny, kinked tail – it bends like it was caught in a door, but it may have been that way since she was born. She is a little bit timid in new situations and meeting new people and cats, but warms up quickly once she gets to know you. She is affectionate, but not pushy about it, and would make a good indoor or indoor/outdoor kitty. We think she would prefer a quiet, relaxed home, and she would be fine as an only cat or with another kitty or two, preferably kitties that won’t bully her but will accept her presence with a friendly attitude.

See her full listing here.


Formal Wear February – special on fancy dress kitties!

Formal Wear February cats

Formal Wear February Special!

Ah, February – a month to honor Love and Commitment!

Why not celebrate February by adopting a loving kitty that will always be Dressed to Impress?!

All black and black/white cats’ adoption fees through 2/28/13 are priced by the “pound of loving” they provide… from our $9, 9-pound petite beauties Calandra and CaraCara, all the way up to our $17, 17-pound stunning Bluebird, minimum adoption fees are LOW LOW LOW for these special cats.

Come collect your new lovebug kitty – before the month is over (or before they put on more weight, HA)

PS – OK, Bruno is still “No Fee” but he is special, too.

Thanks to Shelter Manager Tiffany for the February inspiration!

Photo shows only a handful of the eligible black and tuxedo kitties at the shelter right now – more will be added soon!

New adoptable cat: PRINCE



Prince is a very handsome, tailless white kitty, who came to the shelter when his family was no longer able to care for him. He is about 8 years old, and might be a year or two older (the family who brought him found him as a stray in 2006, and he was already an adult then). Prince is super affectionate, and is pretty laid back; he is tolerant of the other cats, and is a little bit cautious and shy when exploring new places and meeting new people.

Like his all-black roommate Dana, Prince is a happiness-drooler… we didn’t think anyone would drool more than Dana, but Prince takes the crown! If you are a cat lover who understands the drooling fool kitty, you can’t go wrong with Prince – or Dana – or, they . . . → Read More: New adoptable cat: PRINCE

New adoptable dog: AYLA

Ayla is a beautiful hound/pitbull mix, about 5 years old, who was abandoned by her owner – they went “on vacation” two months ago and left some friends in charge of bringing food to Ayla, who was left outside; unfortunately, despite being contacted, the owners have never come back from “vacation” and the property they were renting was sold, leaving Ayla homeless.

Ayla isn’t very fond of other dogs, though she apparently lived with some before (the other dogs on the property disappeared, unfortunately); we are able to teach her to tolerate the other shelter dogs, but don’t recommend adding her to a home with a dominant dog unless you are a very experienced pack leader type. She definitely is a “people” dog – she’d much rather be with a person than with another dog. She has been reported to be not very good . . . → Read More: New adoptable dog: AYLA

Adoptable cat, long-timer: MOLLY


Molly is a beautiful medium-haired white kitty with lovely black accents – love that black tail! She has been with us since early July, when she arrived with her 2-week-old kittens in tow. Molly has been a great mom, and the kittens have all found their new homes. Now it’s time for Molly to go home too!

Molly is very friendly and affectionate, and fairly large (L-O-N-G kitteh). She would enjoy pretty much any indoor or indoor/outdoor home, where she can have a lap when she wants one and can have a few short brushing sessions each week to keep that gorgeous coat in great shape. She seems to prefer being the only cat, though she might agree to tolerate sharing her space with a friendly, non-dominant boy kitty. Ideally, she’d like to be an adored . . . → Read More: Adoptable cat, long-timer: MOLLY

Adoptable Cat, long-timer: PEANUT


Peanut is a beautiful medium-haired tabby and white girl. She has been with us since early July, when she arrived with her 3-week-old kittens in tow. Peanut has been a great mom, and the kittens are fully weaned – most have already found their forever homes, and now it is Peanut’s turn.

Peanut is very friendly and affectionate, and is definitely a lap kitty. She would enjoy pretty much any indoor or indoor/outdoor home, where she can have a lap when she wants one and can have a few short brushing sessions each week to keep that gorgeous coat in great shape. Given a choice, she would rather cuddle than play, so an affectionate family is a must for Peanut. She seems tolerant of other cats, too.

See her full listing, with more photos and videos: . . . → Read More: Adoptable Cat, long-timer: PEANUT

New adoptable cats: Peanut’s Kittens!

Peanut Kittens

Macadamia, Cashew, Filbert, Chestnut, Pistachio


These kittens were born 6/17/11, and were surrendered to the shelter along with their mom Peanut when the kittens were just 2 weeks old. We’ve had them fostering with our wonderful Foster Mama Charlene, and as a result, the kittens are all wonderfully socialized, very easy to handle, affectionate, curious, and playful – they will all be great in any type of family.

These kittens, who will be ready to go home August 27, have never been outside, and will do best as indoor-only kitties (though they may adapt well to supervised outdoor visits, either with harness/leash or in a safe, enclosed area with their person).

See their listings, with many more photos and a video, from our Cats Page.

New Adoptable Pets: our “A” Kittens!

A kittens

"A" kittens

For everyone who is sad because Poppie’s kittens are gone… don’t worry! Over the next few days we will have many more fun and fabulous kittens for you to meet! Today, we are introducing our “A” kittens.*

This quartet has three black and white brothers, plus a calico sister, all of whom will be ready to go home by the last week of June. They were born 4/27/11, and have been at the shelter since they were 2 weeks old.

They are (clockwise from upper left):





If you visit our main Cats page you can click on each kitten’s photo to see all the pictures of that kitten, plus a video of the kittens playing.

*It’s hard to constantly come up with new names… to help us keep the litters . . . → Read More: New Adoptable Pets: our “A” Kittens!

New adoptable cat: BOULDER


Boulder is a wonderful and handsome black and white guy, full of charm and charisma. He is both playful and affectionate, and seems tolerant of other cats. Boulder was surrendered to the shelter by someone who could not afford to care for him, and we want to find him a great new home full of love and comfort.

Boulder was born in March, 2010, so he is just over a year old right now. He would do well as an indoor or indoor-outdoor cat, and should be fine with older children and all adults.

More photos and adoption information

New adoptable cats: JUPITER and MINERVA

Jupiter and Minerva

Jupiter and Minerva

Jupiter and Minerva are tabby and white sibling cats, who were born about 5/1/10, making them just over 1 year old. They were part of 8 cats surrendered by one person, who 2 years ago had 1 cat, but she was an unspayed female – we all know how that goes! Now Jupiter, Minerva, their mom Gizmo, and Gizmo’s brand new litter of kittens are all at the shelter, looking for new homes. (Gizmo and the kittens will not be ready to adopt until mid-June; we’ll list them soon).

Jupiter is a pretty outgoing and confident boy who is happy to explore… play with toys… be cuddled… it’s all an adventure to Jupiter. He’d be fine as an indoor or indoor-outdoor cat.

. . . → Read More: New adoptable cats: JUPITER and MINERVA

Adoptable Kitten: MELVIN


Poppie’s featured adoptable kitten for today is Melvin. We think he will probably be a short haired adult cat; he has the cutest markings! As a black and white kitten, he is statistically likely to be the last of the litter adopted, but whomever finally chooses Melvin is in for a fun, frisky time. Melvin and his siblings turned 5 weeks old on 4/26. You can see more photos, the latest video, and get adoption information on his full listing.

Adoptable kitten: SILVERLIGHT

Silverlight, 5 weeks old

Poppie’s kittens turned 5 weeks old on 4/26, and they all now have individual listings.

Today we are featuring SILVERLIGHT. He is a very handsome grey and white boy, who looks like he will have medium-length fur when he’s full grown. You can see more photos, the latest video, and get adoption information on his full listing.