Weekly Update for the week of October 10, 2010

New adoptable dogs: None. New adoptable cats: None. Re-adoptable dogs: None. Re-adoptable cats: None. Dogs on “adoption pending”: None. Cats on “adoption pending”: None. Dogs on “hold” for medical treatment: None. Cats on  “hold” for medical treatment: None. Adopted dogs (see at 2010 Adopted page): Bear the Labrador Retriever mix (adoptable 9/8, adopted 10/16) Luna […]

New adoptable cats: Sanjaya, Underwood, and Patches

Sanjaya, Underwood, and Patches (“RF group”) were born 8/9/10, and stayed with their mother until they were weaned; they are now in foster care, and are incredibly well socialized kittens (they even did a day at “show and tell”). They are cuddly, playful, and cute as can be, and will be wonderful family pets. For […]