New adoptable pets: DAISY and ROSIE

Daisy and her sister Rosie were reluctantly surrendered to the shelter; their owner loved them, but picked them up as “free pups” outside a big box store in a neighboring county, and THEN found out their landlord doesn’t allow dogs. Big box stores’ return policies don’t include pups picked up from random strangers, so Daisy […]

New adoptable dog: BROWNIE

Meet Brownie – He’s an older dog, we are guessing around 8 years old, who has the heart of a puppy! We think Brownie is some sort of retriever/shepherd mix. He was originally a stray dog, who was never claimed from Republic city impound, so we decided to take him in and give him a […]

New adoptable dog: TRUDY

Trudy is a sweet mid-sized dog who is a definite “LeMutte” original creation! The vet called her a golden retriever mix, but she looks more like a hound/shepherd mix overall; she came in as a starving stray, all her ribs and her hipbones are prominent (but we’ll fatten her up in no time). She seems […]

New Adoptable Puppies! Rocky, Eddy, FiFi, CeeCee and GeeGee

Our latest puppy arrivals are super-cute LeMutte pups, with some Australian Shepherd on the mother’s side, and who knows what else.  They were born 5/22/11, and will be ready to go home by mid-August. You can see all their individual listings, and a video of all the pups, on our Dogs page.

New adoptable dog: DUQUELLA

DuQuella is named for one of our adopters/facebook friends; we chose this name because it rhymes with our other juvenile black dog, Ella – too cute! (We’ll occasionally be stealing facebook friends’ names for our pets; ideas are hard to find, ha). DuQuella looks like a LeMutte dog, we can only guess that she may […]

New adoptable dog: CRASH

Crash is a dramatic-looking mix that appears to be part Rottweiler, part German Shepherd (yes, just a guess – no one knows exactly what’s in Crash). He is a bit over 2 years old, and was surrendered by his owner because she had too many pets; Crash was dumped on her property as a puppy, […]

Prince and Teague updates

Today was an interesting and emotional day around the shelter. After returning Prince yesterday, his adopters spent a terrible 24 hours mourning the loss, and realized they had made a terrible mistake by giving him up. They are speeding back to the shelter to reclaim him in the morning, and are now prepared with a […]

New RE-adoptable dog: Prince

Poor Prince – He was adopted back on 4/2, but he is back with us again now. He’s back because his adopters had forgotten how challenging juvenile puppy training can be… they (and we) thought they were fully prepared, but they realized after about 10 days that they weren’t up for the challenges of the […]

New adoptable dog: Prancer

Prancer is a chow/husky/shepherd mix boy, born about October 2008. He is a shy, sensitive boy who spent some time with a person who yelled at him a lot, before he found a temporary home with the person who eventually brought him to us. He is so grateful for every kind touch and sweet word, […]

New adoptable dog: Prince

Prince is a stunning German Shepherd/Labrador Retriever mix, who was born 10/26/10. His family had him since he was about 8 weeks old, but never had time to train him or give him the attention he deserves. Prince is now looking for a new forever home, where he can “start over” with patient, affectionate people […]

Weekly Update for the week of October 10, 2010

New adoptable dogs: None. New adoptable cats: None. Re-adoptable dogs: None. Re-adoptable cats: None. Dogs on “adoption pending”: None. Cats on “adoption pending”: None. Dogs on “hold” for medical treatment: None. Cats on  “hold” for medical treatment: None. Adopted dogs (see at 2010 Adopted page): Bear the Labrador Retriever mix (adoptable 9/8, adopted 10/16) Luna […]

Weekly Update: Week of October 3, 2010

NEW ADOPTABLE DOGS: None. NEW ADOPTABLE CATS: Slinky (adoptable 10/6) RE-ADOPTABLE DOGS: None. RE-ADOPTABLE CATS: None. ADOPTION PENDING DOGS: Molly the Australian Shepherd mix (adoptable 10/5, pending 10/7) Luna the Pug mix (adoptable 9/8, pending 10/8) Enya the Border Collie/Irish Setter leMutte (originally adoptable 9/25, adoption pending 10/1, fell through 10/4 and re-adoptable, adoption re-pending […]

Weekly Update: Week of September 26, 2010

NEW ADOPTABLE DOGS: Zorro the Labrador Retriever/Australian Shepherd mix (adoptable 10/2) NEW ADOPTABLE CATS: Silverbelle (adoptable 10/2) Kiki-ko the Siamese mix (adoptable 10/2) RE-ADOPTABLE DOGS: None. RE-ADOPTABLE CATS: None. ADOPTION PENDING DOGS: None. ADOPTION PENDING CATS: Kara (adoptable 9/25, pending 10/2) DOGS ON HOLD FOR MEDICAL TREATMENT: None. CATS ON HOLD FOR MEDICAL TREATMENT: None. […]