New adoptable dog: BAILEY


Bailey is a very special guy; the vet thinks he is at least 10 years old, and he was abandoned this winter at a local trailer park. Sounds like an unhappy scenario, and we wouldn’t blame Bailey for complaining about his lot in life… but he is so darn HAPPY all the time, he’s the new go-to guy for anyone who has been having a bad day.

You can read all about him on his Adoption Listing

We know it will take a lot of luck for one very special person to find his listing and invite him home for however much time he has left… prayers, happy thoughts, and/or focused energy/visualizations from anyone who can send such help Bailey’s way will be much appreciated. Together, we can find him that special happy ending!

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New adoptable dog: LADY



Lady is a beautiful and affectionate Rottweiler, about 17 months old. Her former owner brought her to the shelter because, while Lady is wonderful with all sorts of people, she is NOT good with cats or chickens (both of which her former owner has).

This is a fantastic and special dog, for some lucky person or family! Please make sure your homeowner’s insurance and your community will allow Rottweilers, as they are one of the breeds that is subjected to unfair blanket banning.

You can see this gorgeous girl’s entire listing here: LADY

New adoptable dog: CRASH


Crash is a dramatic-looking mix that appears to be part Rottweiler, part German Shepherd (yes, just a guess – no one knows exactly what’s in Crash). He is a bit over 2 years old, and was surrendered by his owner because she had too many pets; Crash was dumped on her property as a puppy, and she never really wanted him; poor Crash lived chained up outside until now.

This will be GREAT news for someone out there, because Crash is really ready to be wanted! He has lived with other dogs and with cats, and even a chicken, without incident. He was scared to death on his first day at the shelter, but sought reassurance by leaning into every person he got close to, awwwww. He has lived a pretty sheltered life up until now, . . . → Read More: New adoptable dog: CRASH