New adoptable dog: GUS



Gus is a Black Labrador Retriever (according to his former owner, he is purebred, but has no papers). He is 2 years old, and was surrendered to the shelter because he kept chasing his former owner’s new goats. Unfortunately, Gus has spent his first 2 years living outside, without any training or direction. He is already benefiting from his time at the shelter, where some of the volunteers are working with him on leash training and manners.

Gus is beginning to understand “play” a bit, and will chase a ball (though not always bring it back). One thing we all notice about him is that he is very attentive – he wants to know exactly what you expect of him, and then will try his hardest to give it to you. Because of this, we think . . . → Read More: New adoptable dog: GUS

Rosie went home today!


Every adoption day is a day for us to CELEBRATE! YAY for Rosie, who has joined her new parents Fred and Jana, for a lifetime of being spoiled and loved. We hope to see Facebook updates on her frequently!

Now it’s her sister Daisy’s turn… we know her new person is out there somewhere (maybe you?).

New adoptable dog: BROWNIE



Meet Brownie – He’s an older dog, we are guessing around 8 years old, who has the heart of a puppy! We think Brownie is some sort of retriever/shepherd mix. He was originally a stray dog, who was never claimed from Republic city impound, so we decided to take him in and give him a chance to find the retirement home he deserves.

You can see all his photos, his video, and read all about him on his listing: Brownie

New adoptable dog: TRUDY


Trudy is a sweet mid-sized dog who is a definite “LeMutte” original creation! The vet called her a golden retriever mix, but she looks more like a hound/shepherd mix overall; she came in as a starving stray, all her ribs and her hipbones are prominent (but we’ll fatten her up in no time). She seems very grateful for the soft place to sleep and the regular meals.

We are estimating Trudy’s birth date as 2/8/09, making her about 2 1/2 years old – though her teeth are very white, so she may be a little younger. Trudy has an odd little “hitch” in her gait – when she gets moving fairly quickly, her rear legs sort of swing to the right side, and when she runs, she sort of “hops” with her hind legs while running . . . → Read More: New adoptable dog: TRUDY

New adoptable dog: DUQUELLA


DuQuella is named for one of our adopters/facebook friends; we chose this name because it rhymes with our other juvenile black dog, Ella – too cute! (We’ll occasionally be stealing facebook friends’ names for our pets; ideas are hard to find, ha).

DuQuella looks like a LeMutte dog, we can only guess that she may have some black Labrador and some sort of shepherd in her mix; she’s much smaller than a full Lab, approximate weight right now is 35-40 pounds, and we are guessing she was born around 12/1/10, so she’s just over 6 months old right now. She has some brown fur on the backs of her legs and her feet.

More photos and information

New adoptable dog: ELLA


Ella is a beautiful, petite mixed-breed “LeMutte” girl, who was found on a forest service road in the Colville National Forest, far from homes and people. No one came to claim her during her impound period, so she is now looking for a terrific new forever home. Her beautiful, glossy black coat, wide forehead, and “otter” tail look like she has some black Labrador retriever in her mix, but we can’t begin to guess what else is in there. She is a medium size dog, with long legs.

We are estimating Ella’s birth date as 8/15/10, making her just over 9 months old. She has that frisky puppy energy, and a happy disposition. She is eager to please, loves other dogs, and seems to be very smart.

More information and photos

New adoptable dog: Hoss


This handsome, yet goofy, boy is Hoss. He is a Golden Retriever mix, weighs about 90 pounds (BIG boy), and was born in January 2010. That means he is still technically a “puppy” with all the typical puppy energy.

Hoss was originally owned by a member of the US military, who loved him, but had to give him to her mother when she was deployed overseas. Mom decided he was too much for her to handle, so here he is, waiting for you!

Hoss is extremely well socialized – he loves every person (young or old), dog, cat, horse, cow… you name it, he loves it. Unfortunately, Hoss never received any obedience or leash training. As a result, he is horrible on-leash; if you want to walk him on leash, you may want to start his . . . → Read More: New adoptable dog: Hoss