Look who went to their new homes on 4/30!

4/30/11 Adoptees

Today was our monthly transport closer to Seattle. Six lucky pets joined their new families today, with everyone meeting in Monroe!

HOSS spent the whole 6-hour drive barking excitedly at every vehicle (particularly white pickup trucks) and person we passed! He was absolutely THRILLED to meet his forever-playmate Sky, and took to his people right away. (They wisely brought him a gentle leader harness, which immediately helped curb his over-enthusiastic approach to, well, everything). He’s in just the right place, with a dog that is as joyful as he is, and people who can give him the perfect combination of love and training. YAY!

MELINDA and FANTASIA, now known as SHADOW and SHILO, got to go to a home together, where they are going to have a girl of their own to play with; they . . . → Read More: Look who went to their new homes on 4/30!

New adoptable dog: Prancer


Prancer is a chow/husky/shepherd mix boy, born about October 2008. He is a shy, sensitive boy who spent some time with a person who yelled at him a lot, before he found a temporary home with the person who eventually brought him to us. He is so grateful for every kind touch and sweet word, we know he will be a wonderful companion for anyone who lets him into their heart.

Prancer would probably blossom fastest in a home where he is the only dog, but adding him to a home with an existing dog should be fairly easy, as he is definitely not an alpha dog. His last, temporary home had cats, and reports that he was fine around them. Preliminary weight estimate on Prancer is about 60 pounds.

We are slowly working on grooming . . . → Read More: New adoptable dog: Prancer