Look who went home on 6-4-11

Ophelia and Roland

Adopted pets 6-4-11

At 9:00 a.m. today, nine lucky pets set out with volunteer driver Sarah, on their way to meet their new families on the western side of the state.

AGUAFRIA is going to be a pampered indoor only-kitty with a terrific young couple.

POPPIE also gets to be an only-kitty (she says “yay”), and will be a great sidekick for her new mom, a lovely woman who is very cat-savvy!

SILVERLIGHT will be meeting his new “big sister” kitty, Boots – bet they will make a terrific pair.

MANDI gets to have a girl of her very own, plus dog and hamster buddies!

PETER will be in doggie nirvana when he meets the pack at his new home; he gets to go on trail rides with the horses, too.

KELSEA has two children to love . . . → Read More: Look who went home on 6-4-11

Look who went home on 5/31!

Sylvie and Mystic, adopted 5/31/11

Sylvie and Mystic, adopted 5/31/11

Lucky Sylvie the Great Pyrenees/Malamute mix, and Mystic (formerly Patch Tuesday), one of Poppie’s kittens, went home with Republic area families on 5/31. We’ve included one of Mystic’s baby photos above – amazing how much they change in just a couple of months. YAY for happy endings!

Adoptable kitten: SHERLOCK



Today we are featuring SHERLOCK, the third boy in Poppie’s kittens. He looks like he is going to be a long-haired cat (or at least medium-haired), love his soft fluffiness!

These kittens turned 6 weeks old on 5/2, and all will be ready to go to their new homes by 6/1.

See more photos of Sherlock, and the most recent kitten video, on his listing.

Adoptable Kitten: MELVIN


Poppie’s featured adoptable kitten for today is Melvin. We think he will probably be a short haired adult cat; he has the cutest markings! As a black and white kitten, he is statistically likely to be the last of the litter adopted, but whomever finally chooses Melvin is in for a fun, frisky time. Melvin and his siblings turned 5 weeks old on 4/26. You can see more photos, the latest video, and get adoption information on his full listing.

Adoptable kitten: SILVERLIGHT

Silverlight, 5 weeks old

Poppie’s kittens turned 5 weeks old on 4/26, and they all now have individual listings.

Today we are featuring SILVERLIGHT. He is a very handsome grey and white boy, who looks like he will have medium-length fur when he’s full grown. You can see more photos, the latest video, and get adoption information on his full listing.

Updated kitten pictures from 4-9-11

Here are some new photos of Poppie and the kittens, taken on 4-9-11:


Kittens 04-09-11

Visit the kittens’ website page for other new photos, including some close-ups of individual kittens. They are SOOOO cute, we can hardly stand it!

Thanks to Char Payton Holt for these photos from 4/9/11.

Itteh bitteh kittehs!

Newborn kittens 3-22-11 (photo by Lance Young)

Here is a sneak-peek at the shelter’s newest residents: 5 kittens, born to Poppie on 3/22/11! Poppie arrived at the shelter looking a bit like a beachball with a head… it didn’t take long for one kitty to become six kitties.

Poppie and her kittens are sharing one of our Microsoft Meow Manor cat rooms, where they will live together until the kittens are weaned. All six should be ready for adoption at the end of May or beginning of June.

We’ve invited the Cats of Microsoft calendar folk to name the kittens, can’t wait to see what names they choose!

We’ll update to individual listings when the kittens are older; until then, . . . → Read More: Itteh bitteh kittehs!