Look who went home through 9-11-11!

Adopted through 9-11-11

Chestnut, Pistachio, Hoonch, Delgado, DonBenito – ADOPTED!

We are happy to report TWO kitten pair adoptions, and a great new home for a big black dog!

Chestnut and Pistachio have joined a family with 3 excited kids, a small dog, and a turtle – they are sure to have a fun life, and are so happy to have gone to a home together.

Hoonch is now a totally devoted go-everywhere dog – when he met his new people at the shelter, we could immediately see Hoonch’s connection with them. He kept offering a paw to his new guy – and he’s never done that to anyone else in the shelter. It’s like he was saying “there you are, you are mine, please take me home now.”

Finally, our long-timer kittens Delgado and DonBenito were adopted as a . . . → Read More: Look who went home through 9-11-11!

New adoptable cats: Peanut’s Kittens!

Peanut Kittens

Macadamia, Cashew, Filbert, Chestnut, Pistachio


These kittens were born 6/17/11, and were surrendered to the shelter along with their mom Peanut when the kittens were just 2 weeks old. We’ve had them fostering with our wonderful Foster Mama Charlene, and as a result, the kittens are all wonderfully socialized, very easy to handle, affectionate, curious, and playful – they will all be great in any type of family.

These kittens, who will be ready to go home August 27, have never been outside, and will do best as indoor-only kitties (though they may adapt well to supervised outdoor visits, either with harness/leash or in a safe, enclosed area with their person).

See their listings, with many more photos and a video, from our Cats Page.