Look who went home on 6-4-11

Ophelia and Roland

Adopted pets 6-4-11

At 9:00 a.m. today, nine lucky pets set out with volunteer driver Sarah, on their way to meet their new families on the western side of the state.

AGUAFRIA is going to be a pampered indoor only-kitty with a terrific young couple.

POPPIE also gets to be an only-kitty (she says “yay”), and will be a great sidekick for her new mom, a lovely woman who is very cat-savvy!

SILVERLIGHT will be meeting his new “big sister” kitty, Boots – bet they will make a terrific pair.

MANDI gets to have a girl of her very own, plus dog and hamster buddies!

PETER will be in doggie nirvana when he meets the pack at his new home; he gets to go on trail rides with the horses, too.

KELSEA has two children to love . . . → Read More: Look who went home on 6-4-11

Adoptable Kitten: MELVIN


Poppie’s featured adoptable kitten for today is Melvin. We think he will probably be a short haired adult cat; he has the cutest markings! As a black and white kitten, he is statistically likely to be the last of the litter adopted, but whomever finally chooses Melvin is in for a fun, frisky time. Melvin and his siblings turned 5 weeks old on 4/26. You can see more photos, the latest video, and get adoption information on his full listing.

Updated kitten pictures from 4-9-11

Here are some new photos of Poppie and the kittens, taken on 4-9-11:


Kittens 04-09-11

Visit the kittens’ website page for other new photos, including some close-ups of individual kittens. They are SOOOO cute, we can hardly stand it!

Thanks to Char Payton Holt for these photos from 4/9/11.

Happy 2-week birthday to Poppie’s kittens!

Photos of the kittens from 4/5/11, their 2-week birthday! Keep up with the kittens on our website

Silverlight, Patch Tuesday, Melvin, Mandi, Sherlock:

Silverlight 2-weeks


Patch Tuesday 2-weeks

Melvin 2-weeks

Mandi 2-weeks

Sherlock 2-weeks

Itteh Bitteh Kittehs has a NAEMZ!

The fabulous folk behind the Cats of Microsoft calendar have chosen names for our little babies. Drum roll please…

Introducing SILVERLIGHT (a boy):


PATCH TUESDAY (a girl, starting to open her eyes):

Patch Tuesday

MELVIN (a boy):


MANDI (a girl):


SHERLOCK (a boy):


You can see another photo or two of each kitten (taken on 3/31) on our website.

Check back there often for updates as the kittens grow; in a few more weeks, we will give each of them individual pages.

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