Featured Adoptable Cat: Juno

Juno (photo: Lance Young)

Juno has been at the shelter since mid-February, but that was in our twitter/blog/facebook “black hole” period, so she hasn’t been properly introduced as an adoptable cat.

Juno is a gorgeous tortoiseshell tuxedo girl who arrived as a stray; we are guessing she is about 2 years old, so have given her a birth date of 3/1/09. Juno is a pretty independent girl, but she does like brief sessions of petting and play. She seems to be fairly stressed-out with all the other girl kitties at the shelter (hey, if I had to live in one room with 5 other girls, I might be a little cranky, too). We think Juno would do best in a home with one other cat (preferably male), or as an only cat. She would enjoy either an . . . → Read More: Featured Adoptable Cat: Juno

Long-time shelter pets need your help

Spring is here, when our thoughts turn to… KITTENS!

Unfortunately, this year we have many juvenile and adult cats who have not yet found their forever homes.

Along with these beautiful cats, we have one amazing dog who just can’t seem to get noticed… he’s seen dozens of other dogs come in to the shelter, and then leave in two weeks, or a month, or two months, with their new people. Teague continues to wait, but he is growing depressed (see "The Big Black Dog Dilemma, featuring Teague").

We know many of you have already filled that empty spot in your family with a Forget Me Not pet, or perhaps you have used Forget Me Not to help a pet find a new home.

We’re not asking you to adopt one of these pets (though it would be lovely if you did).

You can help Teague . . . → Read More: Long-time shelter pets need your help