Look who went home this week: Hoss, Maia, and Sloane!

Hoss, Maia, Sloane

Hoss, Maia, Sloane

It’s always nice, in the midst of kitten and puppy adoptions, to see some of our patient adult pets finding their new homes.

Hoss has gone home to be with the boy he fell in love with; we are hoping they will bond quickly and easily, and that Hoss will now have the chance to be the grand, happy dog he knows he can be!

Maia sold herself to her adopter, by jumping on his lap and cuddling up under his chin; hopefully the other cats will learn from her example, so the next “drop-in” adoption will have an ending as happy as Maia’s.

Finally, Sloane had multiple opportunities this week, any one of which would have been a great fit for him – but none greater than becoming a permanent family member in . . . → Read More: Look who went home this week: Hoss, Maia, and Sloane!

Look who went to their new homes on 4/30!

4/30/11 Adoptees

Today was our monthly transport closer to Seattle. Six lucky pets joined their new families today, with everyone meeting in Monroe!

HOSS spent the whole 6-hour drive barking excitedly at every vehicle (particularly white pickup trucks) and person we passed! He was absolutely THRILLED to meet his forever-playmate Sky, and took to his people right away. (They wisely brought him a gentle leader harness, which immediately helped curb his over-enthusiastic approach to, well, everything). He’s in just the right place, with a dog that is as joyful as he is, and people who can give him the perfect combination of love and training. YAY!

MELINDA and FANTASIA, now known as SHADOW and SHILO, got to go to a home together, where they are going to have a girl of their own to play with; they . . . → Read More: Look who went to their new homes on 4/30!

New adoptable dog: Hoss


This handsome, yet goofy, boy is Hoss. He is a Golden Retriever mix, weighs about 90 pounds (BIG boy), and was born in January 2010. That means he is still technically a “puppy” with all the typical puppy energy.

Hoss was originally owned by a member of the US military, who loved him, but had to give him to her mother when she was deployed overseas. Mom decided he was too much for her to handle, so here he is, waiting for you!

Hoss is extremely well socialized – he loves every person (young or old), dog, cat, horse, cow… you name it, he loves it. Unfortunately, Hoss never received any obedience or leash training. As a result, he is horrible on-leash; if you want to walk him on leash, you may want to start his . . . → Read More: New adoptable dog: Hoss