Look who went home through 9-11-11!

Adopted through 9-11-11

Chestnut, Pistachio, Hoonch, Delgado, DonBenito – ADOPTED!

We are happy to report TWO kitten pair adoptions, and a great new home for a big black dog!

Chestnut and Pistachio have joined a family with 3 excited kids, a small dog, and a turtle – they are sure to have a fun life, and are so happy to have gone to a home together.

Hoonch is now a totally devoted go-everywhere dog – when he met his new people at the shelter, we could immediately see Hoonch’s connection with them. He kept offering a paw to his new guy – and he’s never done that to anyone else in the shelter. It’s like he was saying “there you are, you are mine, please take me home now.”

Finally, our long-timer kittens Delgado and DonBenito were adopted as a . . . → Read More: Look who went home through 9-11-11!