Weekly Update for the week of October 24, 2010

Clockwise from upper left: Doolittle, Fantasia, Surat, Chili

Two female kittens were listed Tuesday 10/26 from a feral TNR operation, Fantasia and Doolittle.

In addition, a male Siamese mix adult, Surat, was listed Tuesday 10/26.

Finally, Chili, a chihuahua mix, was listed Saturday 10/30.

Ten other cats and another dog remain adoptable. For the latest updates on them, visit our Cats and Dogs pages.

Weekly Update for the week of October 17, 2010

Five kittens came in from a Fear No Feral TNR operation on Herron Creek Rd, and are adoptable as of Wednesday, October 20. There are three females, ChiangMai, Siobhan, and Melinda; and two males, Wasabe and Lambert. ChiangMai and Wasabe are both Siamese mixes.

Cavil, SilverBelle, Slinky, and Cupid the cats; as well as Zorro the dog; remain adoptable, with Zorro still on Big Black Dog Discount. Catch up on the latest adoptable pets from our Cats and Dogs pages.