Pets adopted through 6-2-12!

06-02-12 adoptees

(TOP): Leroy, Duke, Lucy (BOTTOM): Tinka, Furby, Bella, Tiffany

The past week has found 7 more pets heading to terrific new homes. Furby was adopted locally, and the other 6 went to Monroe yesterday to meet their new families! Since all the pets adopted were adults (YAY!), they are all beginning their 30-day trial placements. We hope to post happy follow-ups for each of them on our Adopted Page soon!

We’re especially happy that Tiffany finally found her home; she had been waiting since December, 2011!

Thanks to all the wonderful adopters; we’re so happy you found your new family members at Forget Me Not.


New adoptable dog: DUKE



Duke is a wonderful German Shepherd/Rottweiler boy, whose only “fault” is that he chases and kills chickens (and the occasional pack rat, and even a deer). He likes other dogs, and even gets along well with dog-friendly cats… and he loves kids! If you have a home where Duke can be treated as a family member, living inside and going outside safely leashed or fenced, then Duke is a dream-dog for you. See his full listing for more info, photos, and video!