New adoptable dog: Dewey


Dewey is a super handsome and sweet Australian cattle dog mix boy. He has the red heeler coloring, and long legs from some other breed in his mix (shepherd? retriever? spaniel? who knows); Dewey weighs roughly 55 pounds. He was born 10/20/08, and has lived with one family since he was just 6 weeks old… but now he must find a new home because his family is moving where Dewey cannot go. He is staying with his original family in an “owner foster” situation for us, and we all hope he will find his new home before he has to be left behind and moved into the shelter.

Dewey is a very smart boy, with a stubborn streak (ha). He loves people, is very affectionate, and enjoys sleeping next to his peoples’ bed. Dewey is housetrained . . . → Read More: New adoptable dog: Dewey