New adoptable cat: TINKA


Tinka is a sweet, gentle girl who is declawed on her front feet, which means she must be an indoor-only cat. Unlike many Siamese, Tinka has a soft, delicate meow. She loves having her ears rubbed, is used to having baths, and likes to spend time snuggling on the couch with her person. Tinka arrived at the shelter because her people moved into a small travel-trailer, and it was too cramped for both their cats. She is about 2 years old.

Tinka was tolerant of the other cat in her home; we think she would warm up to a friendly dog eventually, but she is a little bit timid around people and animals she doesn’t know. She would like a quiet, calm home – Tinka would be perfect for a retired person or couple, or as . . . → Read More: New adoptable cat: TINKA

New adoptable cat: FURBY


Poor Furby – he was originally adopted from us back in 2005, and joined his perfect family, where he was allowed to sleep in the bed and absolutely loved his life; unfortunately, his family was unable to keep him and also unable to find him a new home, so he was returned to us and we are going to try again.

Furby is declawed on his front feet, which means he must be an indoor-only cat. He absolutely loves all the people he meets, but he does NOT like other cats, so his perfect home will be as an only-cat to a family or person who will keep him inside and love him as much as he will love them. He doesn’t have a lot of time at the shelter, because we have to either house . . . → Read More: New adoptable cat: FURBY

New adoptable cat: TIFFANY


MEET TIFFANY: she is a beautiful medium-haired torbie (tortoiseshell/tabby) girl, who is declawed on the front paws (awwwwww). Her owner couldn’t care for her, so she is patiently waiting at the shelter for someone to bring her home. See more photos, video, and description at her full listing: TIFFANY

New adoptable cat: IVAN


Ivan is a cuddly, handsome medium-haired grey juvenile boy, born 4/21/11. Ivan’s former owner decided to surrender him to the shelter because she is hardly ever home, and Ivan really craves human attention. He is a BIG kitty for his age, and everyone who sees him says he is one of the most attractive cats EVER.

Ivan’s medium-length fur is very soft and silky, and would benefit from a 5-minute brushing every day or two. He has to be an indoor-only kitty because his front paws are declawed, leaving him no way to defend himself against dogs or other predators. Luckily, Ivan doesn’t seem to have any ill-effects from his declawing; he still uses his litterbox faithfully, and is a happy and loving boy.

Ivan doesn’t seem to care if he has other kitties to play . . . → Read More: New adoptable cat: IVAN