Update on recent pet adoptions 04-21-12

Adopted through 4-21-12

TOP: Buzzard, Bluejay, Moose, Ripley (fka Barbet). BOTTOM: Velvet, Matilda (fka Broadbill), Delilah (fka Bunting), Daisy

Here’s a quick update on all the pets who have recently gone home, including those that just set off on today’s trip to Monroe.

Buzzard and Bluejay get to go home together, where we are sure they will be suitably spoiled as they are the only pets in the home.

Moose jumped right into the car when his new person drove out from Spokane to pick him up; he is excited to be a “guy and his dog” team member!

Fluffy girl Ripley is going to make an 11 year old girl VERY happy, and Ripley (formerly Barbet) will be delighted to be the only pet in the home, so she can have all the attention and all the sun spots.

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Rosie went home today!



Every adoption day is a day for us to CELEBRATE! YAY for Rosie, who has joined her new parents Fred and Jana, for a lifetime of being spoiled and loved. We hope to see Facebook updates on her frequently!

Now it’s her sister Daisy’s turn… we know her new person is out there somewhere (maybe you?).


New adoptable pets: DAISY and ROSIE

Rosie and Daisy

Rosie (black/white) and Daisy (black/brown)

Daisy and her sister Rosie were reluctantly surrendered to the shelter; their owner loved them, but picked them up as “free pups” outside a big box store in a neighboring county, and THEN found out their landlord doesn’t allow dogs. Big box stores’ return policies don’t include pups picked up from random strangers, so Daisy and Rosie are with Forget Me Not now, and we are looking forward to finding them terrific homes.

See their full listings, including a cute video, on our Dogs page (just click on their photos to bring up the full listings).


Look who went to their new homes on 4/30!


4/30/11 Adoptees

Today was our monthly transport closer to Seattle. Six lucky pets joined their new families today, with everyone meeting in Monroe!

HOSS spent the whole 6-hour drive barking excitedly at every vehicle (particularly white pickup trucks) and person we passed! He was absolutely THRILLED to meet his forever-playmate Sky, and took to his people right away. (They wisely brought him a gentle leader harness, which immediately helped curb his over-enthusiastic approach to, well, everything). He’s in just the right place, with a dog that is as joyful as he is, and people who can give him the perfect combination of love and training. YAY!

MELINDA and FANTASIA, now known as SHADOW and SHILO, got to go to a home together, where they are going to have a girl of their own to play with; they will love that.

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New adoptable dog: Daisy


Daisy (photo by Lance Young)

Daisy is a 7-year-old purebred Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She was rescued from a puppy mill when she was 5, but her rescuer can no longer keep her, so has asked us to find Daisy a new home.

Daisy is a bit timid when meeting a new person, but we’ve seen her adjust quite quickly to the volunteers. After having spent her first 5 years in typical puppy mill fashion – locked in a small cage and kept pregnant all the time – Daisy is imperfect with her housetraining. While she does prefer to go potty outside, she is not confident enough to ask to go out. Her ideal home will have someone who can take her outside (or let her into the yard) every few hours during the day.

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