Biweekly Update for the two weeks starting October 31, 2010

Three cats and a dog were adopted: Slinky on Tuesday 11/2, Cavil on Wednesday 11/3, Chili on Friday 11/5, and Adriano on Saturday 11/6. Wish them long, happy lives with their new owners!

In addition, Surat the Siamese mix is on “adoption pending” status as of Thursday 11/11.

A ringworm outbreak at the shelter has left all our adoptable kittens and six new leMutte puppies infected. They are all in treatment as of Monday 11/1. Stay tuned for more details.

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Weekly Update for the week of October 24, 2010

Clockwise from upper left: Doolittle, Fantasia, Surat, Chili

Two female kittens were listed Tuesday 10/26 from a feral TNR operation, Fantasia and Doolittle.

In addition, a male Siamese mix adult, Surat, was listed Tuesday 10/26.

Finally, Chili, a chihuahua mix, was listed Saturday 10/30.

Ten other cats and another dog remain adoptable. For the latest updates on them, visit our Cats and Dogs pages.