Weekly Update for the week of October 10, 2010

New adoptable dogs: None. New adoptable cats: None. Re-adoptable dogs: None. Re-adoptable cats: None. Dogs on “adoption pending”: None. Cats on “adoption pending”: None. Dogs on “hold” for medical treatment: None. Cats on  “hold” for medical treatment: None. Adopted dogs (see at 2010 Adopted page): Bear the Labrador Retriever mix (adoptable 9/8, adopted 10/16) Luna […]

Weekly Update: Week of October 3, 2010

NEW ADOPTABLE DOGS: None. NEW ADOPTABLE CATS: Slinky (adoptable 10/6) RE-ADOPTABLE DOGS: None. RE-ADOPTABLE CATS: None. ADOPTION PENDING DOGS: Molly the Australian Shepherd mix (adoptable 10/5, pending 10/7) Luna the Pug mix (adoptable 9/8, pending 10/8) Enya the Border Collie/Irish Setter leMutte (originally adoptable 9/25, adoption pending 10/1, fell through 10/4 and re-adoptable, adoption re-pending […]

Pets on Sale #1

We today reduced adoption fees for six pets: Sinead the blind 2-month-old female Border Collie/Irish Setter leMutte Special needs: $40 off regular fee of $95 Adoptable since September 25, 2010 Bear the 4-year-old male Labrador Retriever mix Big black dog: $20 off regular fee of $75 Adoptable since September 8, 2010 Agathon the 4-month-old male […]

Cats adoptable since June 21, 2010: Simon, Cally, and Adama

Simon, Cally, and Adama were born around 5/24/10, and were turned in to the shelter as “bottle babies” – they were kittens from a feral mother cat, who has since been trapped, spayed, and returned to her colony. The kittens’ foster mom has had them since they were about 4 weeks old, and bottle fed […]