Itteh bitteh kittehs!


Newborn kittens 3-22-11 (photo by Lance Young)

Here is a sneak-peek at the shelter’s newest residents: 5 kittens, born to Poppie on 3/22/11! Poppie arrived at the shelter looking a bit like a beachball with a head… it didn’t take long for one kitty to become six kitties.

Poppie and her kittens are sharing one of our Microsoft Meow Manor cat rooms, where they will live together until the kittens are weaned. All six should be ready for adoption at the end of May or beginning of June.

We’ve invited the Cats of Microsoft calendar folk to name the kittens, can’t wait to see what names they choose!

We’ll update to individual listings when the kittens are older; until then, you are welcome . . . → Read More: Itteh bitteh kittehs!