Look who went home this weekend!


TOP: Ladie, Cricket, Azumi MIDDLE: Fiona, Toby, Ginger BOTTOM: Felix, R2D2, Rose

Another wonderful Seattle-area delivery weekend saw 9 lucky pets delivered to adopters in Monroe; all are beginning their trial adoption periods with their new families, and we are hopeful that all will become permanent residents in their new homes (though there is already one possible allergy problem, and we are keeping fingers crossed that Allerpet will do the trick).

Ladie has a built-in “big brother” in Chance, the resident dog at her new home, plus she gets a family of 5 humans – she won the doggy lottery!

Cricket gets to be a new playmate for Peepers, the frisky kitty she has joined, and the two of them will no doubt boss Tango the beagle mix around.

Azumi has finally joined her new “mom” – . . . → Read More: Look who went home this weekend!

2/11/12, transport day – see who went home!

Pets adopted 2-11-12

TOP: Acorn & Tamarack (who went home together), Rex, Venus (now COCO) MIDDLE: Albatross and Adelie (now SHADOW and ABBIE, they went together), Tigger, and Snoopy BOTTOM: Akiko (now EDITH TINKER BELL), Doma (now LULU), Payton (now ESTHER), Azumi

Another wonderful transport day saw 10 happy pets head across the mountains to their new homes on the west side. It was a teary goodbye, as Rex’s foster family had to send him off after raising him for 3 months (usually pups go to their new homes in 3-4 weeks, but Rex had to stay a bit longer due to a temporary health issue); LuLu had two families sharing foster time with her, and they had to say goodbye too. Even I was a bit sad (but in a good way) to say goodbye to my personal favorite . . . → Read More: 2/11/12, transport day – see who went home!

New adoptable pets: Adelie, Albatross, Acorn, Akiko, Tamarack, Azumi

6 Newly Adoptable Pets

Top: Adelie, Albatross, Acorn — Bottom: Akiko, Tamarack, Azumi

This past weekend we listed 6 new pets who arrived at the shelter after their owner died without a pet plan in place. These 5 cats and 1 dog came in a little frightened and confused, but now seem pretty happy and grateful. It seems that fortune is smiling on them, too, because of the six, only Adelie (the shy orange girl) and Albatross (the fluffy black boy) are still available – it looks like the other 4 will have placement offers going out by the end of the evening!

If you might have a spot in your family for Adelie or Albatross, please check out their listings on our Cat Page (just click on their photos to bring up the full listings).

. . . → Read More: New adoptable pets: Adelie, Albatross, Acorn, Akiko, Tamarack, Azumi