Adoptable cats

Name Sex Age Adoption fee Image Email inquiry
  • Si
  • Am
  • Male Domestic Medium Hair
  • Female Domestic Long Hair/Siamese
BONDED PAIR $25 or Senior for Senior
  • Si
  • Am
Email to adopt Si & Am!
MewlanFemale Domestic Long Hair/SiameseApplications ClosedMewlanEmail to adopt Mewlan!
GeminiFemale Domestic Short Hair/CalicoAdoption PendingGeminiEmail to adopt Gemini!
MerlinMale Domestic Short Hair/TabbyAdoption PendingMerlinEmail to adopt Merlin!
HoudiniMale Domestic Medium Hair/TabbyAdoption PendingHoudiniEmail to adopt Houdini!
TomatoMale Domestic Short Hair/TabbyAdoption PendingTomatoEmail to adopt Tomato!
LettuceMale Domestic Short Hair/TabbyAdoption PendingLettuceEmail to adopt Lettuce!
ZipperMale Domestic Short Hair/TuxedoAdoption PendingZipperEmail to adopt Zipper!
VelcroFemale Domestic Short Hair/TabbyAdoption PendingVelcroEmail to adopt Velcro!
BaconMale Domestic Medium HairComing SoonBaconEmail to adopt Bacon!
FangFemale Tortoiseshell/Domestic Short HairComing SoonFangEmail to adopt Fang!
SpringfieldFemale Domestic Medium Hair/TabbyComing SoonSpringfieldEmail to adopt Springfield!
SqueakMale Domestic Short HairComing SoonSqueakEmail to adopt Squeak!
LilyFemale Domestic Medium Hair$65LilyEmail to adopt Lily!
CornellFemale Domestic Short Hair$50CornellEmail to adopt Cornell!
OKeeffeFemale Domestic Short Hair/Tabby$65OKeeffeEmail to adopt OKeeffe!
AriesMale Domestic Short Hair$65AriesEmail to adopt Aries!
LibraMale Domestic Short Hair$65LibraEmail to adopt Libra!
PantherMale Domestic Short Hair$50PantherEmail to adopt Panther!
PumaMale Domestic Short Hair$50PumaEmail to adopt Puma!
WilsonMale Domestic Medium Hair$65WilsonEmail to adopt Wilson!
SootFemale Domestic Short Hair$50SootEmail to adopt Soot!
Inky-DinkyFemale Domestic Short Hair/Tuxedo$50Inky-DinkyEmail to adopt Inky-Dinky!
NoniFemale Domestic Medium Hair/Tabby$50NoniEmail to adopt Noni!
NinjaFemale Domestic Short Hair$50NinjaEmail to adopt Ninja!
TyphoonFemale Domestic Short Hair/Torbie$65TyphoonEmail to adopt Typhoon!
KittyFemale Dilute Tortoiseshell/Domestic Short HairComing SoonKittyEmail to adopt Kitty!
SnapMale Domestic Short Hair/TabbyComing SoonSnapEmail to adopt Snap!
ButtonFemale Domestic Short HairComing SoonButtonEmail to adopt Button!
ClaspMale Domestic Short Hair/TabbyComing SoonClaspEmail to adopt Clasp!
WishboneFemale Domestic Short HairComing SoonWishboneEmail to adopt Wishbone!
LadybugFemale Domestic Short HairComing SoonLadybugEmail to adopt Ladybug!
Kung PaoMale Domestic Short Hair$65Kung PaoEmail to adopt Kung Pao!
BotanyFemale Domestic Short Hair/Tuxedo$50BotanyEmail to adopt Botany!
AtlanticFemale Domestic Short Hair/Tabby - BrownComing SoonAtlanticEmail to adopt Atlantic!
Bodie (Bobo)Male Domestic Medium Hair-grayHOSPICE SPONSORS NEEDEDBodie (Bobo)Email to adopt Bodie (Bobo)!