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Melody 1849

6 years old · Adopted

Introducing Melody (full name "Lucy's Sweet Melody"), a 6 year old purebred chocolate Labrador Retriever who ended up at the shelter due to a liking for chicken... while it's still moving.

Other than that, she is pretty much a dream dog! She is currently in foster care, and her foster mom reports:

"She's the most calm, mellow lab I've ever known. Well mannered, easy-going, great with my blind dog. They share bones, no food aggression or interference at meal times. She pulled on leash quite hard when we were introducing the two dogs, but got over it in a minute or two. After 5 min., total calm. I haven't taken her on a walk yet, but she walked from my car to the house on leash just fine. Rode in the car great. Totally house trained. Doesn't seem interested in toys or balls, but has spread 2 dozen old dry marrow bones all over the house and yard. Likes soft blankets and flat beds (not round or lumpy ones or ones with berms). Hasn't tried to get on the bed or furniture (though she would be allowed on the bed). Hasn't barked yet (I've only had her home 2 days). Watches the turkeys walk by the dog yard fence without any interest at all. Haven't had deer pass by yet. Doesn't jump on you or paw at you. Sits pretty."

Her former owner confirms that Melody is good with cats, other dogs, and children. She's also crate trained. She weighs about 70 pounds.

Melody has many wonderful years ahead of her to share with a lucky family - is yours the family that is missing this delightful doggo?

All pets arrive spayed/neutered, dewormed, microchipped and vaccinated. Adoption fee for Melody is a suggested minimum of $125 (more gratefully accepted). All pets are placed with a 30-day money-back trial period, to give pet and family enough time to discover any unknown allergies or other conflicts.

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