Adoptable dogs

Name Sex Age Adoption fee Image Email inquiry
RibbonFemale Great Pyrenees/Heeler/Mixed Breed$150RibbonEmail to adopt Ribbon!
PopperMale Great Pyrenees/Heeler/Mixed Breed$150PopperEmail to adopt Popper!
ConfettiFemale Great Pyrenees/Heeler/Mixed Breed$150ConfettiEmail to adopt Confetti!
HiloMale Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler/Shepherd$150HiloEmail to adopt Hilo!
KhenoFemale Golden Retriever/Collie$75 or Senior for SeniorKhenoEmail to adopt Kheno!
TuckerMale German Shepherd DogAdoption PendingTuckerEmail to adopt Tucker!
PennyFemale Am Bully x SPECIAL NEEDS $125PennyEmail to adopt Penny!
KingMale German Shepherd Dog$125KingEmail to adopt King!