Adoptable dogs

Name Sex Age Adoption fee Image Email inquiry
PepperoniFemale American Bulldog/Pit Bull TerrierApplications ClosedPepperoniEmail to adopt Pepperoni!
ViennaFemale American Bulldog/Pit Bull TerrierAdoption PendingViennaEmail to adopt Vienna!
KielbasaFemale American Bulldog/Pit Bull TerrierAdoption PendingKielbasaEmail to adopt Kielbasa!
JetFemale Chihuahua/Miniature PinscherAdoption PendingJetEmail to adopt Jet!
SableFemale Chihuahua/Miniature PinscherAdoption PendingSableEmail to adopt Sable!
EbonyFemale Chihuahua/Miniature PinscherAdoption PendingEbonyEmail to adopt Ebony!
ItalianFemale American Bulldog/Pit Bull TerrierAdoption PendingItalianEmail to adopt Italian!
BratwurstFemale American Bulldog/Pit Bull TerrierAdoption PendingBratwurstEmail to adopt Bratwurst!
SpicyFemale American Bulldog/Pit Bull TerrierAdoption PendingSpicyEmail to adopt Spicy!
JovieFemale Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler/Mixed Breeds - MultipleAdoption PendingJovieEmail to adopt Jovie!
SalamiMale American Bulldog/Pit Bull Terrier$150SalamiEmail to adopt Salami!
LiverwurstMale American Bulldog/Pit Bull Terrier$150LiverwurstEmail to adopt Liverwurst!
ChorizaFemale American Bulldog/Pit Bull Terrier$150ChorizaEmail to adopt Choriza!
PennyFemale Am Bully x SPECIAL NEEDS $125PennyEmail to adopt Penny!
KingMale German Shepherd Dog$125KingEmail to adopt King!
AndouilleFemale American Bulldog/Pit Bull TerrierApplications ClosedAndouilleEmail to adopt Andouille!
FrankfurterMale American Bulldog/Pit Bull Terrier$150FrankfurterEmail to adopt Frankfurter!
CarawayFemale American Bulldog/Pit Bull Terrier$150CarawayEmail to adopt Caraway!
CoalFemale Chihuahua/Miniature PinscherAdoption PendingCoalEmail to adopt Coal!
RavenFemale Chihuahua/Miniature PinscherApplications ClosedRavenEmail to adopt Raven!
RioMale Poodle/Labrador RetrieverAdoption PendingRioEmail to adopt Rio!
DollyFemale Great Pyrenees/AkbashComing SoonDollyEmail to adopt Dolly!
SparkyFemale Akbash/Great Pyrenees/AnatolianComing SoonSparkyEmail to adopt Sparky!
TuckerMale German Shepherd DogComing SoonTuckerEmail to adopt Tucker!
QueenieFemale Australian Cattle Dog/Mixed Breed$125QueenieEmail to adopt Queenie!