Adoptable dogs

Name Sex Age Adoption fee Image Email inquiry
RogueFemale Australian Shepherd/Mixed BreedsComing SoonEmail to adopt Rogue!
AxolotlFemale Australian Shepherd/LeMutteComing SoonAxolotlEmail to adopt Axolotl!
SalamanderMale Australian Shepherd/LeMutteComing SoonSalamanderEmail to adopt Salamander!
NewtMale Australian Shepherd/LeMutteComing SoonNewtEmail to adopt Newt!
FrogMale Australian Shepherd/LeMutteComing SoonFrogEmail to adopt Frog!
LexingtonFemale HuskyMedical HoldLexingtonEmail to adopt Lexington!
LakotaMale Labrador Retriever/HuskyComing SoonLakotaEmail to adopt Lakota!
KeychaMale Labrador Retriever/HuskyComing SoonKeychaEmail to adopt Keycha!
EeyoreMale Mixed Breeds - MultipleComing SoonEeyoreEmail to adopt Eeyore!
RooFemale Mixed Breeds - MultipleComing SoonRooEmail to adopt Roo!
HeffalumpMale Mixed Breeds - MultipleComing SoonHeffalumpEmail to adopt Heffalump!
KangaFemale Mixed Breeds - MultipleComing SoonKangaEmail to adopt Kanga!
OwlFemale Mixed Breeds - MultipleComing SoonOwlEmail to adopt Owl!
PigletFemale Mixed Breeds - MultipleComing SoonPigletEmail to adopt Piglet!
RabbitFemale Mixed Breeds - MultipleComing SoonRabbitEmail to adopt Rabbit!
PoohMale Mixed Breeds - MultipleComing SoonPoohEmail to adopt Pooh!
TiggerMale Mixed Breeds - MultipleComing SoonTiggerEmail to adopt Tigger!
LucyFemale Border Collie/Australian KelpieNO FEE - LONG TIMERLucyEmail to adopt Lucy!
SunnyFemale Border Collie/Australian KelpieNO FEE - LONG TIMERSunnyEmail to adopt Sunny!
AngelFemale Mixed Breeds - Multiple$125AngelEmail to adopt Angel!
AladdinMale Labrador Retriever/Mixed Breeds - MultipleAdoption PendingAladdinEmail to adopt Aladdin!
HemlockFemale Golden Retriever/ShepherdAdoption PendingHemlockEmail to adopt Hemlock!
PrincessFemale Mixed Breeds - MultipleAdoption PendingPrincessEmail to adopt Princess!
BudMale Australian Cattle Dog/Blue HeelerMedical HoldBudEmail to adopt Bud!
SageMale Labrador Retriever/ShepherdMedical HoldSageEmail to adopt Sage!
GreysonMale ChihuahuaMedical HoldGreysonEmail to adopt Greyson!