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Confetti 1761

1 year old · Adopted

Introducing the Surprise Party pups! These cuties, born 11/4/22, are a fun blend of who-knows-what. Mama is reported to be a heeler mix, and the most likely dad is a big white neighbor dog (Great Pyrenees?). Hopefully one or more adopters will get a DNA test done, we'd love to know all the ingredients in this delicious batch of birthday surprises.

They are all super social, snuggly, playful, and fun. The pup who has already joined her forever home is doing great and loving her big brother dog and all the humans in the family!

This litter has:

CONFETTI - female, four white speckled paws, NO COLLAR in the video

RIBBON - female, grey speckled paws, RED COLLAR in the video

POPPER - male, merle paws, NO COLLAR in the video

SECRET - female, BLACK COLLAR in the video (ADOPTED)

These pups ranged from 26 pounds to 32 pounds at 16 weeks of age, so we expect them to be large adults, probably between 75-90 pounds (though it is, of course, impossible to be sure with an unknown mix).

One big plus: these pups have MASTERED the doggy door in their puppy suite, and always go outside to potty. This should make potty training at home easier than with many pups, as they already understand the concept - a few days of close observation and communication should lead to a fully housetrained pup!

Puppies require a lot of human interaction, and all puppies will benefit from obedience training and full immersion in their human household. These pups' ideal homes will have someone who can exercise them with a couple of energetic walks each day, plus commitment to training them how to be the best dogs they can be. They hope to have very few hours per day when they will be without the companionship of a human or other pet, and will reward their forever people with boundless love and loyalty!

All pets arrive spayed/neutered, dewormed, microchipped and vaccinated. Adoption fee for Confetti is a suggested minimum of $150 (more gratefully accepted). All pets are placed with a 30-day money-back trial period, to give pet and family enough time to discover any unknown allergies or other conflicts.

Can't come to Republic? Don't let that stop you! We have monthly transports to the Seattle area, delivering adopted pets to their new owners. If you can add a little to your donation to help us cover our volunteer driver's expenses, that would be great!