New adoptable cats: Yokozawa and Honshu the Siamese mixes and Cavil, Kara, Cowell, Abdula, Bowersox, and Jackson

(Click photo for larger version)

Clockwise from upper left: Abdula, Bowersox, Cavil, Cowell, Yokozawa, Kara, Jackson, Honshu

Cavil, Kara, Cowell, Abdula, and Bowersox (“group 2”) are siblings, and were brought to the shelter after their mother cat’s owner abandoned her. A kind neighbor took her in, raised her adorable kittens, then had mama kitty spayed and asked us to find great homes for these cuties.

These kittens, who were born 7/5/10, are all wonderfully socialized, and will be fantastic pets for any home. If you want more than one, these 5 have all been together since birth and can be mixed and matched in any combination with a happy result. Bowersox is a black/brown/grey tabby female with gorgeous markings.

Yokozawa, Honshu, and Jackson (“group 3”) are siblings, born 8/11/10, and were brought to the shelter as orphaned/abandoned kittens when they were just 4 weeks old. They have been hand-raised and bottle-fed, and will make fantastic family pets for any household.

For more information, photos, videos, and adoption information, visit our Cats page.

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