Update on recent pet adoptions 04-21-12

Adopted through 4-21-12

TOP: Buzzard, Bluejay, Moose, Ripley (fka Barbet). BOTTOM: Velvet, Matilda (fka Broadbill), Delilah (fka Bunting), Daisy

Here’s a quick update on all the pets who have recently gone home, including those that just set off on today’s trip to Monroe.

Buzzard and Bluejay get to go home together, where we are sure they will be suitably spoiled as they are the only pets in the home.

Moose jumped right into the car when his new person drove out from Spokane to pick him up; he is excited to be a “guy and his dog” team member!

Fluffy girl Ripley is going to make an 11 year old girl VERY happy, and Ripley (formerly Barbet) will be delighted to be the only pet in the home, so she can have all the attention and all the sun spots.

Velvet, lucky girl, is a local adoptee, who has joined a wonderful, animal-loving family who was waiting for just the right cat to catch their eye – Velvet’s the one! She will win over all the other pets in the home quickly, we’re sure.

Matilda and Delilah (formerly Broadbill and Bunting) have happily gone off to a home together, where “big brother” Calvin will teach them all the household secrets. Calvin has been missing his recently departed companion, so we are all hoping he will enjoy this sister duo!

Daisy has found the perfect family for her, lots of kids and a “big brother” playmate; we know she will be running the household in no time.

So, how many pets are left at the shelter today? We are down to 2 adult dogs, 6 adult cats (including new guy Meander, who will be listed soon), and 2 6-week old kittens who will also be listed soon. Not bad, but it *is* the start of kitten season, so we expect to hear from more people who have “oops” litters as the next few months progress… stay tuned!

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