New adoptable dog: TRUDY


Trudy is a sweet mid-sized dog who is a definite “LeMutte” original creation! The vet called her a golden retriever mix, but she looks more like a hound/shepherd mix overall; she came in as a starving stray, all her ribs and her hipbones are prominent (but we’ll fatten her up in no time). She seems very grateful for the soft place to sleep and the regular meals.

We are estimating Trudy’s birth date as 2/8/09, making her about 2 1/2 years old – though her teeth are very white, so she may be a little younger. Trudy has an odd little “hitch” in her gait – when she gets moving fairly quickly, her rear legs sort of swing to the right side, and when she runs, she sort of “hops” with her hind legs while running normally with her front legs. This could be the result of an old injury – possibly a run-in with a car? – that healed oddly, or it could be caused by a lack of muscle mass due to starvation. It doesn’t seem to slow her down much, and she doesn’t seem to be in pain. Everything internal seems to function just fine, too!

Trudy is a calm and happy girl; she is working on the “play” concept, LOVES “cookies” and enjoys just lying at a person’s feet, relaxing. She is pretty tolerant of other dogs, but isn’t crazy about super-energetic or super-yappy playmates; she’d prefer another calm dog companion, or would also do fine as an only dog. She hasn’t had an official cat test yet, but when she spotted the cats out on their sunporch, she went on “high alert” and barked and barked, so we already know your cat will need to be a “dog-alpha” kitty who will stand their ground! After Trudy has her cat test, we’ll update.

We think Trudy is housetrained, but she doesn’t seem to know any actual commands. She has a very loving personality, and will be a terrific companion.

See Trudy’s listing for lots more photos and a video.

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