New adoptable cat: PRINCE



Prince is a very handsome, tailless white kitty, who came to the shelter when his family was no longer able to care for him. He is about 8 years old, and might be a year or two older (the family who brought him found him as a stray in 2006, and he was already an adult then). Prince is super affectionate, and is pretty laid back; he is tolerant of the other cats, and is a little bit cautious and shy when exploring new places and meeting new people.

Like his all-black roommate Dana, Prince is a happiness-drooler… we didn’t think anyone would drool more than Dana, but Prince takes the crown! If you are a cat lover who understands the drooling fool kitty, you can’t go wrong with Prince – or Dana – or, they . . . → Read More: New adoptable cat: PRINCE

Prince and Teague updates

Prince and Teague (photos by Lance Young)

Today was an interesting and emotional day around the shelter.

After returning Prince yesterday, his adopters spent a terrible 24 hours mourning the loss, and realized they had made a terrible mistake by giving him up. They are speeding back to the shelter to reclaim him in the morning, and are now prepared with a super puppy class at Diamonds in the Ruff, and a renewed sense of forever commitment. We can’t wait to see how excited Prince will be when he sees them!

Just when you thought today couldn’t get better… Teague has found his new home! He will be joining his forever-person on April 25 (or possibly a bit earlier), and he gets to be the only pet with a retired person who will be with him every . . . → Read More: Prince and Teague updates

New RE-adoptable dog: Prince

Prince (photo by Lance Young)

Poor Prince – He was adopted back on 4/2, but he is back with us again now. He’s back because his adopters had forgotten how challenging juvenile puppy training can be… they (and we) thought they were fully prepared, but they realized after about 10 days that they weren’t up for the challenges of the chewing stage, and didn’t have the time or energy to have to supervise and teach him what things were appropriate chew items and what things were not.

He does appear to be housetrained – they had a few accidents the first couple of days, but quickly realized that he needed to go out about every 4 hours during the day, and the accidents stopped. Prince did NOT enjoy the concept of crate training, so we recommend against . . . → Read More: New RE-adoptable dog: Prince

Prince: ADOPTED!

Today Prince begins his 30-day trial adoption with his new family. He will have a “sister” dog to play with, and a big fenced back yard where he can romp and play. Every day with an adoption is a day to celebrate!

Prince (photo by Lance Young)

New adoptable dog: Prince

Prince (photo by Lance Young)

Prince is a stunning German Shepherd/Labrador Retriever mix, who was born 10/26/10. His family had him since he was about 8 weeks old, but never had time to train him or give him the attention he deserves. Prince is now looking for a new forever home, where he can “start over” with patient, affectionate people who will have lots of time for him.

Prince is smart – he does already know “sit”. He is also extremely excitable and energetic – so sometimes, even though he knows “sit,” he can’t quite calm down enough to do so. He does pretty well on leash, once you get him to sit down long enough to get the leash on (ha). He loves everyone he meets, . . . → Read More: New adoptable dog: Prince