Another adoptable kitten: ERMINE!



Ermine and his 4 siblings were born about 5/25/12, to a stray mama kitty (Cacique, who will also be available for adoption). These kittens came into the adoption program on 7/14, and are being well socialized in a foster home; we expect they will be great indoor or indoor-outdoor kitties (though they should be kept inside until they are a bit older). As of 8/7/12, Ermine is the last available kitten from this litter; those cute, fluffy, NON-BLACK kittens go SO fast sometimes! You need to scoop up this cutie fast, before someone else finds him – he’s just adorable!


See his full listing HERE

Today’s featured cats: SISKEL and EBERT


Siskel (orange) and Ebert (black) were born 3/7/12, and were surrendered to the shelter as a Stop the Cycle litter; the mama kitty has been spayed (thanks to her sponsor who paid for her spay!), and now it’s time to find homes for these 2 cuties.

These kittens are being socialized in a foster home, and should make great pets in pretty much any home. They are doing great with their litterbox training, and are learning all about play-time; they are starting to be less cautious around strangers, too! That little bit of caution will serve them well should they become indoor-outdoor kitties, but they would also do well as indoor-only cats.

Visit our Cats Page to see their full listings, including a super-cute video!

Today’s featured cat: AMBER




Amber is a healthy, friendly senior, who ended up at the shelter in 2011 when her owner’s disabilities worsened. She was adopted in November 2011, but recently came back to the shelter because she just couldn’t accept the other kitty in the home. This means Amber will do best as an only cat!

Amber will be turning 11 years old in July 2012, and is a very laid-back kitty, who spends most of her time relaxing in her favorite shelter basket. She would be a great companion for a retired person or couple, and could also be a good family pet in a single-pet home.

Amber is not a big fan of being picked up; she loves to be petted and brushed, but likes her feet best firmly on the ground. Amber is a really . . . → Read More: Today’s featured cat: AMBER

New adoptable pets: Adelie, Albatross, Acorn, Akiko, Tamarack, Azumi

6 Newly Adoptable Pets

Top: Adelie, Albatross, Acorn — Bottom: Akiko, Tamarack, Azumi

This past weekend we listed 6 new pets who arrived at the shelter after their owner died without a pet plan in place. These 5 cats and 1 dog came in a little frightened and confused, but now seem pretty happy and grateful. It seems that fortune is smiling on them, too, because of the six, only Adelie (the shy orange girl) and Albatross (the fluffy black boy) are still available – it looks like the other 4 will have placement offers going out by the end of the evening!

If you might have a spot in your family for Adelie or Albatross, please check out their listings on our Cat Page (just click on their photos to bring up the full listings).

. . . → Read More: New adoptable pets: Adelie, Albatross, Acorn, Akiko, Tamarack, Azumi

New adoptable kittens listed 7/15/11

Kittens listed 7-15-11

(top row) Durango, Donastia, Delgado, DonBenito (bottom row) Pattani, Rocket, Lampang

…and it begins again, the latest summer kitten caboodle! In the past 2 weeks, the shelter has taken in 32 cats and kittens (plus one temporary resident mom-cat who will go home after her kittens are weaned and mom has been spayed). We are starting off today with 7 of our new arrivals.

The 4 “shades of grey” kittens in the top row were all born 4/7/11. They arrived from a feral colony – at first, we thought they were all going to have to go back as part of the Trap-Neuter-Return process because they were a bit too old, but the property owner did a great job socializing them and they are now able to go out as pets. These 4 have already been spayed/neutered . . . → Read More: New adoptable kittens listed 7/15/11

Sad day at the shelter

Today we had a sudden, unexpected death among our shelter residents.

Janus, our wonderful orange tabby boy, was happy and affectionate and playful at about 1:00, when a pair of volunteers were visiting his cat room. When they left, he was his usual, content self.

When I arrived to visit the cats at 2:00, I found Janus dead. He was lying peacefully, but he was no longer with us. I hope there are lots of cuddles for him at the Rainbow Bridge, and am glad he knew the comforts of a safe haven, soft bedding, a couple of “goddess” kitty playmates (Hera and Maia) that made him feel like a real “ladies’ man” cat, and many volunteers who adored him. Had he not made it to the shelter last month, he would have been outside in the cold and mud, all alone, when his time came.

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