New adoptable pets: DAISY and ROSIE

Rosie and Daisy

Rosie (black/white) and Daisy (black/brown)

Daisy and her sister Rosie were reluctantly surrendered to the shelter; their owner loved them, but picked them up as “free pups” outside a big box store in a neighboring county, and THEN found out their landlord doesn’t allow dogs. Big box stores’ return policies don’t include pups picked up from random strangers, so Daisy and Rosie are with Forget Me Not now, and we are looking forward to finding them terrific homes.

See their full listings, including a cute video, on our Dogs page (just click on their photos to bring up the full listings).

Hunter has been adopted!



Talk about a zippy-quick adoption; Hunter, who was only with us for 6 days, has gone to his new forever home! He has a dedicated, active, at-home person with whom to bond, and lots of room to run and play. On his first day home, he went for a 3 mile hike, and then taught his new person that Tennis Ball is a terrific game, one that can be played for hours… and hours… and hours….

We’re so happy for Hunter!

This adoption means we have no adoptable dogs at the shelter right now. We don’t expect that to last very long, and we do have 2 dogs that are in on a sheriff’s impound that have not finished their holding period, so there are still bowls to be filled, coats to be brushed, and spirits . . . → Read More: Hunter has been adopted!

New adoptable pets: Adelie, Albatross, Acorn, Akiko, Tamarack, Azumi

6 Newly Adoptable Pets

Top: Adelie, Albatross, Acorn — Bottom: Akiko, Tamarack, Azumi

This past weekend we listed 6 new pets who arrived at the shelter after their owner died without a pet plan in place. These 5 cats and 1 dog came in a little frightened and confused, but now seem pretty happy and grateful. It seems that fortune is smiling on them, too, because of the six, only Adelie (the shy orange girl) and Albatross (the fluffy black boy) are still available – it looks like the other 4 will have placement offers going out by the end of the evening!

If you might have a spot in your family for Adelie or Albatross, please check out their listings on our Cat Page (just click on their photos to bring up the full listings).

. . . → Read More: New adoptable pets: Adelie, Albatross, Acorn, Akiko, Tamarack, Azumi

New adoptable dog: BAILEY


Bailey is a very special guy; the vet thinks he is at least 10 years old, and he was abandoned this winter at a local trailer park. Sounds like an unhappy scenario, and we wouldn’t blame Bailey for complaining about his lot in life… but he is so darn HAPPY all the time, he’s the new go-to guy for anyone who has been having a bad day.

You can read all about him on his Adoption Listing

We know it will take a lot of luck for one very special person to find his listing and invite him home for however much time he has left… prayers, happy thoughts, and/or focused energy/visualizations from anyone who can send such help Bailey’s way will be much appreciated. Together, we can find him that special happy ending!

. . . → Read More: New adoptable dog: BAILEY

New adoptable dog: LADY



Lady is a beautiful and affectionate Rottweiler, about 17 months old. Her former owner brought her to the shelter because, while Lady is wonderful with all sorts of people, she is NOT good with cats or chickens (both of which her former owner has).

This is a fantastic and special dog, for some lucky person or family! Please make sure your homeowner’s insurance and your community will allow Rottweilers, as they are one of the breeds that is subjected to unfair blanket banning.

You can see this gorgeous girl’s entire listing here: LADY

New adoptable dog: BROWNIE



Meet Brownie – He’s an older dog, we are guessing around 8 years old, who has the heart of a puppy! We think Brownie is some sort of retriever/shepherd mix. He was originally a stray dog, who was never claimed from Republic city impound, so we decided to take him in and give him a chance to find the retirement home he deserves.

You can see all his photos, his video, and read all about him on his listing: Brownie

New adoptable dog: AYLA

Ayla is a beautiful hound/pitbull mix, about 5 years old, who was abandoned by her owner – they went “on vacation” two months ago and left some friends in charge of bringing food to Ayla, who was left outside; unfortunately, despite being contacted, the owners have never come back from “vacation” and the property they were renting was sold, leaving Ayla homeless.

Ayla isn’t very fond of other dogs, though she apparently lived with some before (the other dogs on the property disappeared, unfortunately); we are able to teach her to tolerate the other shelter dogs, but don’t recommend adding her to a home with a dominant dog unless you are a very experienced pack leader type. She definitely is a “people” dog – she’d much rather be with a person than with another dog. She has been reported to be not very good . . . → Read More: New adoptable dog: AYLA

New adoptable dogs: Brutus and Bella

Brutus and Bella

Brutus and Bella

Meet Brutus and Bella, a happy-go-lucky pair of hounds. This brother and sister are tightly bonded, and would love to find a home together – but can be separated if needed. They are energetic, loud, affectionate, loud, smart, and did we mention, loud? There’s nothing quite like a pair of happy hounds baying to greet a visitor.

See individual listings for:



They are definitely scent hounds, with their noses to the ground 95% of the time.

New adoptable dog: TRUDY


Trudy is a sweet mid-sized dog who is a definite “LeMutte” original creation! The vet called her a golden retriever mix, but she looks more like a hound/shepherd mix overall; she came in as a starving stray, all her ribs and her hipbones are prominent (but we’ll fatten her up in no time). She seems very grateful for the soft place to sleep and the regular meals.

We are estimating Trudy’s birth date as 2/8/09, making her about 2 1/2 years old – though her teeth are very white, so she may be a little younger. Trudy has an odd little “hitch” in her gait – when she gets moving fairly quickly, her rear legs sort of swing to the right side, and when she runs, she sort of “hops” with her hind legs while running . . . → Read More: New adoptable dog: TRUDY

New adoptable dog: BUSTER



Buster crawled out from under an abandoned cabin at the beginning of June, emaciated, terrified, and with a badly broken jaw. In spite of his fear and the incredible amount of pain he was in, he has always been incredibly sweet and gentle. We’ve had him in foster care for 2 months now, with many vet trips to help him heal, and to treat abscesses and infections that resulted from the jaw break. He’s missing a few teeth, and his poor head will always be a bit misshapen due to the nature of the breaks in his jaw (yes, more than one place), but he is now healthy, happy, and ready to go to a fabulous forever home!

Buster is a pit bull terrier – possibly with . . . → Read More: New adoptable dog: BUSTER

New Adoptable Puppies! Rocky, Eddy, FiFi, CeeCee and GeeGee

LeMutte Pups 8-4-11

LeMutte Pups Rocky, Eddy, FiFi, CeeCee, GeeGee

Our latest puppy arrivals are super-cute LeMutte pups, with some Australian Shepherd on the mother’s side, and who knows what else. They were born 5/22/11, and will be ready to go home by mid-August. You can see all their individual listings, and a video of all the pups, on our Dogs page.

Look who went home today: BEAUTY


Beauty on 7-21

Remember this poor girl, abandoned outside the shelter on 7/21? Well, sometimes things are just meant to be. To the left is a photo of her the day she was abandoned.

Turns out, she captured the heart of one of our wonderful volunteers, and our volunteer clearly captured Beauty’s heart too – she just lights up when she sees him, and you can just see the joy she feels knowing she is going home to her forever family (which includes Maia, a kitty they adopted earlier this year!).

So glad Beauty will have a happy ending. Below is a photo of her today, just before she went through the door to go HOME!

Beauty on adoption day 8/2/11

. . . → Read More: Look who went home today: BEAUTY

Look who went home this week, part 1: DOGS!

Dog adoptions week of 7-2-11

Dog adoptions week of 7-2-11

We had 7 puppies leave on our Monroe transport today, plus 2 other puppies that were picked up by their new families at the shelter, and one adult dog who has found a loving home with one of our fantastic volunteers!

CHARLES has gone to a happy family with 3 kids/teens of his own! Their last dog learned to ring a bell when he wanted to go outside – we think Charles is a great candidate to learn that trick too.

FERGIE is now ZATARA, and she gets to be a “big sister” to 2 kitties in her new home with a loving couple.

KATE gets to be a lucky, “go everywhere” farm dog and companion, and she will rarely leave her new guy’s side.

DIANA is now TERRA; she gets to . . . → Read More: Look who went home this week, part 1: DOGS!

Look who went home this week: Hoss, Maia, and Sloane!

Hoss, Maia, Sloane

Hoss, Maia, Sloane

It’s always nice, in the midst of kitten and puppy adoptions, to see some of our patient adult pets finding their new homes.

Hoss has gone home to be with the boy he fell in love with; we are hoping they will bond quickly and easily, and that Hoss will now have the chance to be the grand, happy dog he knows he can be!

Maia sold herself to her adopter, by jumping on his lap and cuddling up under his chin; hopefully the other cats will learn from her example, so the next “drop-in” adoption will have an ending as happy as Maia’s.

Finally, Sloane had multiple opportunities this week, any one of which would have been a great fit for him – but none greater than becoming a permanent family member in . . . → Read More: Look who went home this week: Hoss, Maia, and Sloane!

New Adoptable Dogs: Delilah, Ophelia, Diana, Charles, Fergie, Kate

Delilah, Ophelia, Diana, Charles, Fergie, Kate

Delilah, Ophelia, Diana, Charles, Fergie, Kate

These 4 puppies – the “Royal” litter – and their Mom(s) Delilah and Ophelia have had an interesting and convoluted time up to arriving at the shelter. Charles, Fergie and Kate arrived as a sheriff’s impound, after being reported abandoned in a driveway, where they huddled together, lost and confused, until they were brought in. A few days later, one of our volunteers discovered someone giving away puppies, which they people claimed were two different litters from two sister mother dogs… they were also giving away the mother dogs, who were in horrifically thin condition. By the time we arrived, there was only one pup left, but the people admitted that the three we had on impound were also from these mothers’ two litters. We left with the fourth sibling, Diana, . . . → Read More: New Adoptable Dogs: Delilah, Ophelia, Diana, Charles, Fergie, Kate

New adoptable dog: DUQUELLA


DuQuella is named for one of our adopters/facebook friends; we chose this name because it rhymes with our other juvenile black dog, Ella – too cute! (We’ll occasionally be stealing facebook friends’ names for our pets; ideas are hard to find, ha).

DuQuella looks like a LeMutte dog, we can only guess that she may have some black Labrador and some sort of shepherd in her mix; she’s much smaller than a full Lab, approximate weight right now is 35-40 pounds, and we are guessing she was born around 12/1/10, so she’s just over 6 months old right now. She has some brown fur on the backs of her legs and her feet.

More photos and information

New adoptable dog: ELLA


Ella is a beautiful, petite mixed-breed “LeMutte” girl, who was found on a forest service road in the Colville National Forest, far from homes and people. No one came to claim her during her impound period, so she is now looking for a terrific new forever home. Her beautiful, glossy black coat, wide forehead, and “otter” tail look like she has some black Labrador retriever in her mix, but we can’t begin to guess what else is in there. She is a medium size dog, with long legs.

We are estimating Ella’s birth date as 8/15/10, making her just over 9 months old. She has that frisky puppy energy, and a happy disposition. She is eager to please, loves other dogs, and seems to be very smart.

More information and photos

Bringing Home Your New Dog

Yay, a new toy!

One key to making successful shelter dog placements is managing the expectations of their new people. Here is some information, gleaned from various websites and the personal experiences of our adopters and volunteers, which we like to share with each dog adopter before the day they bring their new family member home. Have other ideas to help make the transition easier? Send us a comment below! You can never have too much good advice.

Welcome home!

Finding the dog of your dreams may have been easy, but fitting a new canine friend into your household usually requires a little patience and time.

To make your dog’s transition as comfortable as possible, we recommend keeping your new dog on a leash or at your side at first. Show him where his water and food . . . → Read More: Bringing Home Your New Dog

New adoptable dog: CRASH


Crash is a dramatic-looking mix that appears to be part Rottweiler, part German Shepherd (yes, just a guess – no one knows exactly what’s in Crash). He is a bit over 2 years old, and was surrendered by his owner because she had too many pets; Crash was dumped on her property as a puppy, and she never really wanted him; poor Crash lived chained up outside until now.

This will be GREAT news for someone out there, because Crash is really ready to be wanted! He has lived with other dogs and with cats, and even a chicken, without incident. He was scared to death on his first day at the shelter, but sought reassurance by leaning into every person he got close to, awwwww. He has lived a pretty sheltered life up until now, . . . → Read More: New adoptable dog: CRASH

New adoptable dog: PETER


Peter is a fun and frisky almost-5-month-old border collie/Australian cattle dog mix boy. His owner received him as a gift, but he is too energetic for her (note to anyone considering giving puppies as gifts to elderly relatives – it is a bad idea). He was born January 7, 2011, and has all the energy and mischievousness you’d expect from his breed mix!

He is eager to play, and seems to be very smart, though his excitement at having people and other dogs to play with tends to give him a short attention span. He doesn’t seem to be at all shy, and has met lots of dogs and different people. His owner reports that he is “partially” housetrained; we find many of the juvenile pups start to naturally housetrain while at the shelter, because they . . . → Read More: New adoptable dog: PETER