Look who went to their new homes on 4-25!

Cybele, Comet, Alanis (photos by Lance Young & Charlene Payton Holt)

Today Forget Me Not said “bon voyage” to three lucky pets.

CYBELE, our senior calico gal, will now be sharing her life with Otis the cat, Bruno the dog, three fabulous pet-loving kids, and a mom of her own. She was lucky enough to get a door-to-door delivery (unusual for us!) We left her racecar bed with her, and when we last saw her, she was happily exploring her big new house and making friends with Otis.

ALANIS, the cutie manx mix girl, went to a home just one block away from Cybele! She will be adored by her new mom and dad, and her new doggie friends Bowgart and Puppy. She also got to be delivered right to her home, and was busily exploring with two . . . → Read More: Look who went to their new homes on 4-25!

Long-time shelter pets need your help

Spring is here, when our thoughts turn to… KITTENS!

Unfortunately, this year we have many juvenile and adult cats who have not yet found their forever homes.

Along with these beautiful cats, we have one amazing dog who just can’t seem to get noticed… he’s seen dozens of other dogs come in to the shelter, and then leave in two weeks, or a month, or two months, with their new people. Teague continues to wait, but he is growing depressed (see "The Big Black Dog Dilemma, featuring Teague").

We know many of you have already filled that empty spot in your family with a Forget Me Not pet, or perhaps you have used Forget Me Not to help a pet find a new home.

We’re not asking you to adopt one of these pets (though it would be lovely if you did).

You can help Teague . . . → Read More: Long-time shelter pets need your help

Give Cybele a home


Cybele has an odd story, sure wish she could talk! About 4 years ago, Cybele showed up as a stray at a local animal lover’s home. She hung around long enough to be spayed and vaccinated and to be thought of as a member of the family… then one day, she disappeared, never to be seen again. BUT WAIT! Fast forward 4 years, and guess who showed up again, at the same animal lover’s home?! Cybele, where have you BEEN?!

Unfortunately, the home she returned to now has a dog that doesn’t care for kitties, so Cybele is now with the shelter, waiting for a new home (where she promises to stay forever… right, Cybele?!)

Cybele is about 11 years old now, and is a lovely tortoiseshell who looks like she has a bit of Manx in the mix, from those . . . → Read More: Give Cybele a home

Weekly Update for the week of November 28, 2010

Our kittens have completed their ringworm treatment, so they don’t have ringworm anymore.

Two new cats, female Cybele and male Eros, were listed.

Cats Wasabe and Alameda were adopted, as were dogs Sissy, Freckles, Kaa, Nagaina, and Bagheera. They can now be seen on our Adopted page.