Today’s featured cat: AMBER




Amber is a healthy, friendly senior, who ended up at the shelter in 2011 when her owner’s disabilities worsened. She was adopted in November 2011, but recently came back to the shelter because she just couldn’t accept the other kitty in the home. This means Amber will do best as an only cat!

Amber will be turning 11 years old in July 2012, and is a very laid-back kitty, who spends most of her time relaxing in her favorite shelter basket. She would be a great companion for a retired person or couple, and could also be a good family pet in a single-pet home.

Amber is not a big fan of being picked up; she loves to be petted and brushed, but likes her feet best firmly on the ground. Amber is a really . . . → Read More: Today’s featured cat: AMBER

Look who went home this week!

Adoptions week of 11-5-11

Amber, Owl (now Gus), and Eeyore all went home this week

November is Adopt a Senior Pet month, and we are delighted that Amber is our first senior pet heading home! She will be so happy to have a warm lap and guaranteed sun spot for her golden years.

Our other adoptees this week are two more of the kittens that were abandoned at a remote campsite last month; Owl (who is now Gus) got a ride out to his new home in Spokane, and Eeyore has joined his family, which includes his new best friend, a BIG labrador retriever named Olle.

A senior and two black cats – now THAT’S a successful adoption week!

4 special adoptable cats, need very special cat-lovers. Donation Optional!

Silk, Amber, Scoche, DejaVu

clockwise from top left: Silk, Amber, Scoche, DejaVu

Silk (age 12), Amber (age 10), DejaVu (age 7) and Scoche (age 5) are currently sharing one of the shelter’s 4 cat rooms. They ended up at the shelter because their owner became disabled and could no longer care for them, but did not have any sort of pet plan in place.

These cats are all indoor-only kitties, which limits their adoption options.

Silk and Amber are both happy, social cats – a bit fat, but in good health. Other than being indoor-only, their big obstacle to adoption is just their age. While 12 and 10 are senior cat ages, they could easily have another 10 happy, healthy years ahead of them. They just need cat lovers who will give them the retirement homes they deserve, with sun spots . . . → Read More: 4 special adoptable cats, need very special cat-lovers. Donation Optional!