New adoptable dog: PEBBLES



Even though this adorable girl, who was abandoned inside the shelter fence, is in dire need of a trip to the beauty parlor… you can’t deny she is CUTE as ANYTHING!! We just love her. She’s 4 years old, and you can see lots more photos of her, plus a video and her full (and complicated) story as revealed by her microchip, in her listing here.

While it’s awful when people dump pets inside the fence, without even checking to see if we have room, or if we will need to euthanize for space to fit the unexpected pet in… we’d rather see dogs like Pebbles left with us, than abandoned in the forest. Now we just need to find her FOREVER home, SOON! Shouldn’t be hard – she is irresistible.

Look who went home today! Dulanzi, Dumbria, and Denia

Dulanzi, Dumbria, and Denia - ADOPTED

Dulanzi, Dumbria, and Denia – ADOPTED

The first three of the kittens that were abandoned outside the shelter in a box have gone to their new homes today.

Dulanzi and Dumbria were adopted as a pair, and will have a wonderful life in a home filled with love, with birds and dogs and children and another older pair of kitties.

Denia is heading home to be a companion and playmate for Mr. Pickles, who was originally the Forget Me Not kitten named Filbert! We love it when our adopters come back for more, and are so happy that Denia and Mr. Pickles will get to be best buddies now.

New Adoptable Dog: SLOANE


Sloane is a male dachshund who was abandoned outside the shelter by someone unknown. Since their owner did not contact us, we don’t know much about Sloane… we are guessing he is about 4 years old. He is a happy, sunny guy, who is eager to please and who doesn’t understand much about toys and fetch yet. He seems to enjoy the other dogs at the shelter. We’ll update with more details as we get to know him better – he definitely loves attention and people!

More photos, video, and adoption information