New adoptable kittens: Suzuki and Bellavista

Suzuki and Bellavista

Suzuki and Bellavista

Suzuki and his sister Bellavista were born 8/18/11, and arrived at the shelter along with their mama-kitty Thea when the kittens were just 3 weeks old. They and mama-kitty are in foster care together, and the kittens have begun the weaning process (at just over 7 weeks old). They will all be spayed/neutered and ready for release any time after October 22. Suzuki is the CUTEST fluffy boy, with some Siamese in his mix giving him beautiful blue eyes, and lovely stripey markings that will probably darken a bit with age.

The kittens are doing well, growing big and strong, under the care of their attentive mama kitty; they will all be together until it’s time for the kittens to go to their new homes. These kittens will be fantastic family pets, and will do best in indoor-only homes, as they have never been outside. They can be adopted as a pair (at a discounted rate), in case you want your own “ceiling cat” and “basement cat” duo; or, they can be adopted individually.

Find their full listings on our Cats page – just click on their photos for more pics, video, and application.

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