4 special adoptable cats, need very special cat-lovers. Donation Optional!

Silk, Amber, Scoche, DejaVu

clockwise from top left: Silk, Amber, Scoche, DejaVu

Silk (age 12), Amber (age 10), DejaVu (age 7) and Scoche (age 5) are currently sharing one of the shelter’s 4 cat rooms. They ended up at the shelter because their owner became disabled and could no longer care for them, but did not have any sort of pet plan in place.

These cats are all indoor-only kitties, which limits their adoption options.

Silk and Amber are both happy, social cats – a bit fat, but in good health. Other than being indoor-only, their big obstacle to adoption is just their age. While 12 and 10 are senior cat ages, they could easily have another 10 happy, healthy years ahead of them. They just need cat lovers who will give them the retirement homes they deserve, with sun spots and chin skritches. Silk also requires covered litterboxes, as he never learned to squat to urinate – he just stands there, LOL, so the cover is vital.

Deja Vu and Scoche are more challenging – they are both very shy and distrustful of strangers. After almost 2 months at the shelter, Scoche will finally purr when the volunteers pet him, and he is no longer hiding in far-flung corners or upper shelves. Deja Vu lets some of the volunteers pet him now, but at the first rapid movement or loud noise, he is off and UP to the top shelf! These two would benefit from true cat lovers – “cat whisperers” – who can give them the time and space they need to adjust to yet another new situation. When one of these cats finally jumps on the bed with you, or curls up next to you on the couch, you will have the ultimate honor!

If you have room in your home and heart for one – or two! – of these down-but-not-quite-out kitties, we are placing them for an optional donation. We are just trying to save them… we all know their chances are slim, but we want to give them every possible chance to find a home.

Like all our adoptees, these kitties will be placed with a 30-day trial period, and will be up to date on all their vaccinations, plus microchipped. (They are already all spayed/neutered).

See their full listings.


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