New adoptable dog: SMOOTCH

Smootch 1/17/13
Smootch Before and After
Smootch on 1/17/13 (top)
Smootch on 2/5/13 (bottom)

How do you go from the top photo, on 1/17/13, to the bottom photo, on 2/5/13?


Step one: Fill food bowl

Step two: Wait

Step three: Fill food bowl again

Step four: Wait

Repeat steps one through four until dog realizes he will never go hungry again. Ideal weight will follow, along with thousands of face-licks and tail wags.

Meet Smootch, who is now up for adoption. This was Smootch when he arrived:

Smootch Intake
Smootch on 1/17/13

He is one of the most emaciated dogs we have rescued, and besides his weight, he came in with broken teeth, infected gums, sores on his elbows and buttocks, the tip of his tail had fallen off leaving an open wound (probably frostbite), and his snout was all scraped up:

Smootch 1/17/13
Smootch 1/17/13

In just 3 weeks, the volunteers have helped him heal, and his sunny personality has rewarded all of us with many “smootches” every day. His tail has been repaired, his bad teeth have been cleaned/removed as needed and his gum infections are being treated with antibiotics. His other wounds are healing well, and he is filled with love and gratitude – everyone adores Smootch, and he has loved every person he has met. He is tolerant of and polite to female dogs, but isn’t really fond of other males. He loves his newfound attention so much that he is a person-hog, so we’re hoping to find him a home where he can be the only pet, or one with no more than one other (female) dog.

You can see Smootch’s full listing here – are you ready to be the happy ending to Smootch’s story?

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