New adoptable dog: Sinead the blind Border Collie/Irish Setter leMutte

SPONSORS NEEDED – BLIND PUPPY – We’d like to take her to an eye specialist in Spokane, to see if anything can be done for her sight


Sinead and her sisters are Border Collie/Irish Setter/Unknown “leMutte” pups, born 7/27/10, who came to us as a “Stop the Cycle” litter (we spayed the mother dog at our expense, and took the litter to find them great new homes).

We expect these fuzzy gals to be pretty energetic, and probably between 40# – 55# when full-grown, though it is impossible to guarantee adult size of “leMutte” pups! They are happy, friendly girls who were kept with their momma dog until weaned; they will now stay together until we find their forever homes, and are doing all the right “puppy play” things to help them become well-socialized family pets. They are currently in a foster home together.

Sinead is a SPECIAL NEEDS puppy – she appears to have been born blind. Her pupils show zero reaction to light; but that doesn’t stop her!

To have the best chance at a happy life, Sinead really needs to find her special someone quickly, so she can have consistency in her environment and have the chance to bond quickly with her caregiver. Are you that special someone that can allow Sinead to live a happy and full life?

Here are some great sites to learn about raising a blind puppy:

These pups will be ready to go in time for our 10/16 delivery of adopted pets in Monroe.

Puppies require a lot of human interaction, and all puppies will benefit from obedience training and full immersion in their human household. These pups’ ideal homes will have someone who can exercise them with a couple of energetic walks each day, plus commitment to training them how to be the best dogs they can be. They hope to have very few hours per day when they will be without the companionship of a human or other pet. They will reward their forever owners with boundless love and loyalty! We start all puppies on their vaccinations as soon as they arrive at the shelter; most will require additional boosters in the first couple of months after arriving in their new homes, and rabies vaccination between 4-6 months of age.

More photos, videos, and adoption information

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