New adoptable cat: SILVER

Silver, medium-haired grey tabby for adoption

Silver is a a friendly, open girl whose owner could not care for her, so she is now waiting for you to invite her home. Silver’s estimated birth date is March 1, 2009, so she’s between 2-3 now. She has a lovely, medium length grey tabby coat and arresting golden eyes.

Silver is an extremely affectionate cat – she has a definite “lap-cat” quality, and loves to be petted and brushed. She is easy-going, enjoys the other cats she’s met so far, and has a curious and trusting nature. She would be great in a home with children, and would appreciate having an inviting lap available much of the time. She was an outside cat before arriving at the shelter, and seems to be really enjoying the comfort and relaxation of an indoor life in her cat room – we think Silver will always like to sleep on someone’s bed, though she could be a good indoor-outdoor cat as long as she got lots of attention and affection and was primarily a house cat.

See her full listing: Silver

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