Prince and Teague updates

Prince and Teague

Prince and Teague (photos by Lance Young)

Today was an interesting and emotional day around the shelter.

After returning Prince yesterday, his adopters spent a terrible 24 hours mourning the loss, and realized they had made a terrible mistake by giving him up. They are speeding back to the shelter to reclaim him in the morning, and are now prepared with a super puppy class at Diamonds in the Ruff, and a renewed sense of forever commitment. We can’t wait to see how excited Prince will be when he sees them!

Just when you thought today couldn’t get better… Teague has found his new home! He will be joining his forever-person on April 25 (or possibly a bit earlier), and he gets to be the only pet with a retired person who will be with him every day for the rest of his life. YAY!

Keep an eye out for followups on both of these happy boys’ new lives.

2 comments to Prince and Teague updates

  • Carlene

    Yes a very emotional day indeed! Prince is a treasure and hope he will be happy and loved. Teague is the most loving cuddly fun dog, you will be missed but what a lucky dog to be going to your “forever” home. Run in the wind Teague.

  • fmnas

    Teague’s new person can’t wait until 4/25, and will be picking Teague up at the shelter Monday afternoon. YAY! We hope to have updates soon.

    Prince was DELIGHTED to see his people again, and joyously got into their car to go home – forever, this time.

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