New RE-adoptable dog: Prince


Prince (photo by Lance Young)

Poor Prince – He was adopted back on 4/2, but he is back with us again now. He’s back because his adopters had forgotten how challenging juvenile puppy training can be… they (and we) thought they were fully prepared, but they realized after about 10 days that they weren’t up for the challenges of the chewing stage, and didn’t have the time or energy to have to supervise and teach him what things were appropriate chew items and what things were not.

He does appear to be housetrained – they had a few accidents the first couple of days, but quickly realized that he needed to go out about every 4 hours during the day, and the accidents stopped. Prince did NOT enjoy the concept of crate training, so we recommend against that for him unless you are really an expert at getting dogs to love their crates.

The best way to describe Prince is, he is a big and enthusiastic ball of love, who received no adequate training as a young pup (his original owner adopted him from a different shelter at 8 weeks, then basically just left him alone outside for 4 months). Consequently, he needs a committed and patient “dog person” who is up for the training he needs. Ideally, he’d have people who are willing to start over from scratch, by keeping him on a leash by their side for the first couple of weeks, so any issues can be instantly corrected and/or redirected.

We think he will do best in a home where someone is always there. He now knows the joys of being a HOUSE dog, and craves being with his people. He also really enjoys other dogs, but would be fine as an only dog in a family where there is usually a person present.

We don’t get very many returns, but we have our 30-day money-back policy for reasons like this; these adopters knew they could safely return Prince to us, so he didn’t end up at a different shelter, or given away for free to the first person who expressed interest. We’ll do better for you, Prince, we promise!

Prince’s listing and adoption information

1 comment to New RE-adoptable dog: Prince

  • Carlene

    Prince was such a great dog on our ride from crazy Spokane. We gave him his medicine and fed him which he just gobbled up in no time flat. Susan thank you so much for making his bed up he went in and layed down.

    Have a great day all! Carlene and Lance

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