New adoptable cat: PRINCE



Prince is a very handsome, tailless white kitty, who came to the shelter when his family was no longer able to care for him. He is about 8 years old, and might be a year or two older (the family who brought him found him as a stray in 2006, and he was already an adult then). Prince is super affectionate, and is pretty laid back; he is tolerant of the other cats, and is a little bit cautious and shy when exploring new places and meeting new people.

Like his all-black roommate Dana, Prince is a happiness-drooler… we didn’t think anyone would drool more than Dana, but Prince takes the crown! If you are a cat lover who understands the drooling fool kitty, you can’t go wrong with Prince – or Dana – or, they make a lovely white and black pair! They get along well, too.

See Prince’s full listing for a video, more photos, and application.

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